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Quilted Coats and Jackets - Get the Look

Quilted Coats and Jackets - Get the Look

It seems the quilted look is back. So if you want a squishy, squashy soft jacket that keeps you warm and dry in the rain but doesn’t make you look like the local farmhand – invest in a high quality quilted jacket. This season, they’re not bulky like the bubble coats of yesteryear. It’s all about finding a jacket that’s quilted, yet still sleek and relatively thin. Waxed jackets are super popular at the moment and many people are combing the two trends – a waxed, quilted jacket is bang on trend at the moment.

The Barbour quilted jacket is by far the most popular among celebrities right now. Everyone from Daniel Craig, to Drake, to David Beckham and Tom Cruise has been seen in theirs this year. They’re usually teamed with a retro patterned sweater or a tailored, formal shirt and jeans or light coloured chinos. They give a man an air of ruggedness, but still let people know that he’s ahead of the style game.

Barbour jackets are fairly expensive though, with the most sought after products coming in at around £150. If you can afford the price tag – by all means, go ahead and snap one up. If you can’t, you’ll have to join the rest of us and opt for a snazzy alternative. Here are some of the best quilted coats for men on the market today.

Blue Inc, Tobacco Quilted Jacket £27.74The colour of this jacket really pops. Get this – it’s got corduroy shoulder patches. If any jacket were perfect for making a man look like lord of his own manor, this is it. It’s lightweight but durable and it has a lot of useful zips and pockets. Team it with a pipe and a pair of jodhpurs – then watch those horse riding beauties come calling.

Creep, Goose Down Jacket £186
If you thought a Barbour was expensive, check out this Creep coat. It is utterly gorgeous though, with one mustard coloured half and one tweed patterned half, says Men’s Health magazine. It’s filled with goose feathers, which explains the sky high price tag. Goose down is officially one of the most comfortable materials out there. The inside of this coat is luxurious too – it has a wool finish.

Henri Lloyd, Black Jacket £120As the Guardian points out, this quilted jacket has something very ‘Hollywood’ about it. The fit is quite a skinny one, so this jacket will best suit the more rakish fashion hunter. It’s jet black with a sheen that almost looks leathery from afar. Steve Mcqueen, eat your heart out.

Retrofire, Quilted Khaki Jacket £31.99 This is an absolute steal considering its price tag. Again, it’s bang on trend – khaki and camouflage prints are huge this season. It has stylish faux leather elbow patches, plenty of pockets and a suede coloured trim around the arms and neck. It’s lightweight and would look fantastic teamed with black corduroy trousers or dark coloured, skinny jeans. Khaki tends to be very versatile though, so pretty much anything will look good when teamed with this quilted jacket.

Uniqlo, Compact Jacket £50 This has a more classic look – it looks like the retro quilted jackets of the 80’s and early 90’s, rather than the rural ones of this season. It will suit those who don’t quite gel with the idea of looking like a land baron. This quilted jacket is a bold red colour and it squeezes up small enough to fit in a rucksack of backpack. Actually, it’s a great coat for walkers, campers and those strange people who like to holiday in cold climates.

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Dav is a men’s fashion designer and style blogger. He recommends The Officers Club for affordable, high quality men’s coats.

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