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Why Kim Kardashian Suffering From Fashion Flub in Skin

On a recent evening in the hottest city of the world in New York City Kim Kardashian was spotted with her boyfriend. She looked as she had got ready for the bootcamp rather than a dinner followed by a show. The reality star had planned a night out with her boyfriend Kanye West. It was said they had planned a dinner at Nobu followed by a show of Fela at the Broadway.

The dressing sense of Kim Kardashian could not be judged. Whether it was a lapse of the fashion judgment or an influence of her beau Kim was not dresses to look the best. The army green form fitting dress along with the tan lace up boot was not what Kim Kardashian the reality star looked best in. Her voluptuous body seemed disproportionate along with the military color. However the midsection belt and the ankle cut boot saved her. The peculiar flap of fabric cut at the back emphasized her famous behind. Despite of these factors the star still shined like a star when she walked on the road. However the toned down make up attracted the maximum eye catchers. The natural look which Kim’s skincare products bestowed was extra ordinary. The natural look of the skincare products accentuated her beauty letting people ignore all other aspects.

The green army dress of Kim Kardashian was weird enough for people to digest but KIM’s BF added to it the peculiarity. Kanye with his saggy and strangely outfitted clothes was spotted with Kim one evening in NYC. His skin tight leather pant accompanied with the baggy oversized tank top was what he was seen him. The baseball cap and the thick gold chain which he carried along with the baggy look were completed with the Air Yeezys. 
The Armytastic look of Kim the reality queen has drawn lots of controversy. There are some who have appreciated the look while there are others who have criticized the look. There are some who have been fascinated by the golden buttons while some have hated the midsection exposure. There are some who are of the notion that the dress was not a worth buy. Others are of the views that the dress was an absolute must buy but Kim the dash doll has lead to her fashion falling down with such a military outfit.

Though every aspect of her dressing has been criticized but none could say that she look bad. The gorgeous doll always looked charming and beautiful even in the military looks of hers which left her looking like she was representing her country. Even the nude natural makeup has been totally appreciated. The natural makeup which throws open her natural beauty with her skincare products are Kayne’s favorite. The shimmering light cream and also the nude shade lipsticks and lip glosses are in the list. Kim has shared about 10 beauty tips with her fans recently which have claimed to make her fans very happy.

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The above article is composed by CJ, a beautician by profession associated with mynewa who loves to share her beauty and health tips via her articles.

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