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Mark Warner's Corsica Family Holiday Review

Mark Warner's Corsica Family Holiday Review

This will have been my 4th Mark Warner holiday split evenly between winter resorts and summer resorts. I reviewed the Levante Resort in Rhodes back here.
I did no research on this holiday however I knew that I wanted to go to corsica one day ok it's a resort but you still get somewhat an experience of a country/island.
Corsica sits above Sardinia and below the south of france so you are normally guaranteed good weather for part of or all of your summer holiday.

Here is the link to go direct to the Corsica Resort on the Mark Warner Website

The resort is located just south of Santa Lucia Di Moriani you will find a good sized casino supermarket here otherwise not much of interest but you can buy some beach things around the town. It doesn't for example have restaurants at least not obviously. opposite the resort check out what looks like a basic veg shop its 

The beach is mostly sand

The beach bar and grassy areas offer great relaxation under the sun


The Good Points

The staff. Always smiling and friendly and helpful to the extreme. Mark Warner knows the importance of this especially when you are trusting the staff with your most precious little ones.

The activities and plan for your week.

The resort size is ideal - your not too far from anything.

A 30 minute transfer is not too far and helps to reduce time to resort and the start of your holiday.
It was supposed to be the cheaper room but the views of the mountain were lovely and I think its quieter than the ocean facing rooms where you also have the restaurant underneath and the pool.

The mostly all included watersports which is windsurfing, small sailing boats like picos amd lasers and hobby cats, kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboarding, no jetski or waterski and dissapointingly no kitesurfing.
The menu and food was very good though we didnt take the lunch option see the beach bar limits on snacks.

The sunloungers were of good quality and modern - shame that no matching tables where you could put your drinks.


Activity space and Lawn

The Bad Points

The beach does get a de-stoning and this helps make it a decent beach, the watersports side of the groyne is sand based mostly where you can save your feet from the pebble pain. I must say that Corsica does have much better beaches and bays and so thats why this is a negative here. The lawn is comfortable.

Beach towel rental - at 15 euros you can rent a beach towel. It may be a personal opinion but I would expect beach towels provided with the package. Please let me know in advance that they are not included perhaps even more importantly.

The shower/bath was not powerful but also to be fair not a dribble. The bath was so narrow in the bottom that standing in it you feel the curve at the edge on the outside of your feet so its cramped. You're not going to get a bath going either as you cant hold the water nor run it fast enough so just lets do away with the bath ?

The wine is not expensive in France and I think the small glasses were too small and too expensive. Yes you can buy bottles but the markup is very high.
The cocktails were not good - sorry guys. The snacks and lunch options here at the beach bar are a couple of pannini's and fries - non of which were really great either (there aren't really good cooking facilities at the bar)

The room was a bit tired and the carpets were getting on a bit the tv was ok but on a rainy afternoon you get fedup in the room pretty quick.

You can't go off on a kayak expedition (why not do a kayak tour then guys ?) - you need to stay pretty close to the resort. There is an interesting creek just south that I wanted to explore and would have been amazing to take a camera on.

The Resort - San Lucianu


Volleyball always fun

Sailing in Corsica

Loving my Holiday

camera action


In Summary
We all had a great time I think none more than my 4 year old daughter who went into mini club in the morning and the evening movie/sleep start thing. That allows parents to enjoy dinner and the kids love it. My daughter got to go out in kayaks on a windsurfer and sail ! So we get her back and they managed to tire her out by 12:30 ! 
I loved having the free sports on offer, and we all will return soon.
Check out their deals on their website I recommend them fully.

Video of Mark Warner Corsica

Location (Map)

Corsica, France
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