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12 Cute Ways to Make Your Girlfriend's Day


Relationships are complicated and sometimes, it might feel like it's impossible to figure out and please your girlfriend. However, it doesn't take too much to make her day. It all comes down to devoting some attention to her and making her feel special. Here are a few cute ways in which you will surely put a smile on her face.

Remember your anniversaries

It should go without saying that you should remember all the significant dates of your relationship and celebrate them appropriately. Your anniversary means a lot to her so make sure you show that you feel the same and cherish your relationship. Surprising her on the day of your anniversary will make her day so get her a cute gift, take her out on a date or do something completely unexpected!

Notice the little things

Devoting attention to your girlfriend goes a long way in making her feel special. So, make sure that when you are around her, you actually pay attention to her. Noticing small things like a haircut, a new dress or anything of the sort will make her happy and she won't feel like she did all that for nothing. Compliment her too – it will be a nice surprise for her to hear flattering words and it will also boost her confidence and she'll go through the day in a good mood.

Open your ears and listen

Similarly to the previous tip, paying attention to what she has to say is essential (and truthfully, it's the only way to ensure your relationship will last). Whether she wants to tell you about her day, let off some steam by complaining about her problems or she just wants to share her ideas and plans, you should listen to her attentively and thereby reassure her that you care about her. Being able to come home to someone who listens to her and understands her will surely make her day even if she had a hard one.

Call or text her throughout the day

Letting her know that you think about her throughout the day is also a great way to show your love and put a smile on her face. Call her just to say you love her or if it's more convenient, texting her is also a good idea. Just a short text telling her you miss her won't take you away from work for too long but it will fill her heart with warmth.

Get her flowers

If you want to surprise your girlfriend in an old-fashioned but truly romantic way, you should get her flowers once in a while. Every girl loves her flowers, and getting a bouquet without any special occasion will make her day. You can show up with a bouquet in your hand yourself or you can even opt for flower delivery in Adelaide or any other Australian city if you're from the Land Down Under, too.

Bring her food

Girls love food just as much as guys do, so surprising your girlfriend with some of her favorite takeaway will make her super excited. Listen to her for clues to find out what she feels like having and show up at the door with some delicious bites. Sometimes, nothing can compare to some junk food at midnight with the person you love. Even better than bringing her food we come to the next idea..

Cook for her (a biggie!)

You know the drill: to make her day, get her food. But how could you make this plan even better? By making the food yourself! Find a foolproof recipe you can execute yourself and surprise your girlfriend with a delicious home-cooked meal. Even if it won't taste like a restaurant meal, she will surely appreciate your effort and feel special you did all this for her.

Surprise her with gifts from time to time

Although the biggest gift you can give her is your time and attention, from time to time, everyone likes to receive shiny gifts. Sometimes we are all like little kids on the inside and an unexpected gift can make us ecstatic. It doesn't have to be something expensive; what's more important is that it's meaningful. So, make sure the gifts you get her reflect her interests or personality. That way, you will show that you are thinking of her all the time.

"Doing things outside of valentines day means even more because it's unexpected..."

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 Watch her favorite movie together

Those romantic comedies might not be your cup of tea, but just as we mentioned, the most important gesture is devoting your time to your girlfriend. So, if it is watching Bridget Jones's Diary together that would make her happy, you can survive those 1.5 hours and make your girlfriend's day. Next time, you two can choose something together. Knowing how to make a compromise will ensure your relationship can last.

Write her a love letter

Another old-fashioned method of expressing your love, writing little love notes or a full-fledged love letter is a very romantic way to tell your girlfriend how you feel and make her happy. She might even keep those little notes you leave her and collect them over time, smiling every time she looks at them. Making her day has never been easier.


This comes down to personal preference, but many girls like to publicly express their affection and they can be disheartened if their boyfriend refuses. So, something as small as holding hands while walking the street or making each other laugh by doing something silly will surely make your girlfriend's day. Just remember not to overdo it with the PDA and it will be fine.

Go on a surprise date

As you might have already learned by now, surprises are a great way to make your girlfriend's day. What can make this even better is going on a date. Visiting a romantic spot, a fun place you've wanted to visit but simply never had the time, or just going to a cafe or a restaurant to spend some time together works well.

As you can see, making your girlfriend's day is not as difficult, all you need are some ideas and a little bit of effort. The payoff, on the other hand, is huge. 


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admin on Wednesday, 29 January 2020 08:57

Taking actions on the day is of course the best way forwards. And to make that easier plan your time so it is free on Valentines Day. Also don't forget that the rest of the year is a great way to surprise her with gifts.

Taking actions on the day is of course the best way forwards. And to make that easier plan your time so it is free on Valentines Day. Also don't forget that the rest of the year is a great way to surprise her with gifts. :D
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