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Sweatpants And Leggings That Look Like Denim! | Womens Jeggings

Plus Size Jeggings

AKA Denim Style Leggings

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A video about 'At Leisure' fashion trend

OR IS IT Sweatpants that have a Jeans look!


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Men's joggers just comfortable AT LEISURE

If you don't feel like wearing jeans, but you still want to look cool, these imitation jeans are the perfect solution! They are designed to fit extremely well and they are amazingly comfortable.

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Sweatpants and versatility..

Introduced to the fashion world in 2011 by Diesel (See the following video where DIESEL create AC MILAN workout wear). Since then they became more popular each year;I am talking about the JoggJeans. Diesel made it possible to create a pair of jeans that feel like you are wearing sweatpants, but actually look like denim jeans. People responded that this is not possible and that the pants will look cheap. However they quickly changed their minds when sporting a pair!

Calvin Klein Leisure Pants

Men can wear these pants with a simple t-shirt and some sneakers to create a cool look. In addition, the short JoggJeans for men look like the perfect jeans for the summer. The different colours of denim make it possible to vary your looks throughout any sunny period.For all men who always have wanted to wear some skinny jeans, but just couldn't because they didn't fit the right way, the skinny JoggiJeans will and they look sexy too.. 

Women can wear these pants in a sporty way with sneakers or even with heels, which make your look even classy. These pants are very stretchy and don't lose their shape and fit in all different areas. Try a dark blue or a nice light blue one and you have the first item to a nice look.

For what reasons can you wear these unique jeans?

There are many occasions when you want to wear comfortable clothes, but still want to look amazing, like; 

It's party time! If you are going out in the club or having drinks with your colleagues at a fancy bar , the JoggJeans are perfect for each occasion. You can dance as if it is your last day on earth and you do not need to worry if your pants will rip! 

Being on a journey! Having a long journey ahead in the train or plane and you still want to impress the person who is waiting for you at the end of the trip, but you also want to feel comfortable? The JoggJeans allow you to look nice ánd be able to continue life immediately! 

Daily activities! Going to school or work was never so fun, when you know that you actually look nice! You can be casual or put on some nice shoes with a dark blue jeans to look more chic. 

The point is, whatever you are doing, you have the freedom to move how you want and look nice at the same time. Diesel and i-D have provided this goal in their inspiring dance advertisement video. If you haven't tried them on for what kind of reason, you should and you will be sold by the idea!

Are jogging bottoms the new skinny jeans? | Fashion | The Guardian

It’s a bold question, but from Bottega Veneta to David Beckham, this off-duty look is becoming a a hit on the red carpet, catwalk and even high street

Denim Look Leggings  

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