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Healthy Scalp Tips: How to Choose the Right Products


Taking care of your hair is the first step towards having luscious and beautiful locks that take a breath away at first glance. But, in order to have great hair, washing and dying isn't the only thing you should do, because let's be honest: a hair grows from the scalp, and if you want it to be healthy, then scalp health should always be your top priority. Now, you've maybe never paid attention to your scalp, so for that reason here are some healthy scalp tips that will also help you grow hair smoothly:

Learn about your scalp

You probably know that hair has types, but did you know that each scalp isn't the same? There are different types of scalps, and they're all characterized by the amount of sebum produced. So, oily scalp, for example, is marked by excess sebum production, which starts at scalp pores and often results in oily hair as well. On the other hand, dry scalp happens when there is a lack of moisture so before you decide to use any treatments or special products, you should definitely learn more about your scalp and its needs, because each type of scalp has its conditions and characteristics. Using the right products and treating your hair and scalp gently will also make your hair shiny and healthy regardless of the weather seasons.

Don't go for harsh cleansers

A lot of commercial products promise incredible results due to special formulas and fancy ingredients with difficult names. Unfortunately, many people believe promises without taking effort to some research. Even though many cleansing products can thoroughly clean the scalp, the truth is, they often contain harsh surfactants that strip off the scalp of its natural oils, which in return can cause more oil build-up. Aside from that, using harsh products can cause irritation and other skin issues, so if you're dealing with flaking and dandruff, then it's advisable to opt for the best shampoo for dry scalp that won't irritate the skin, as that's the sure way to prevent allergies and hair fall. Using milder products will also nourish and strengthen your hair, so before you opt to buy anything, make sure to read the ingredients and reviews.

Consider hot oil treatments

Sometimes, turning to natural products can be of great help, especially if you've exhausted all other options. Natural oils can do wonders for your scalp, mainly castor oil and olive oil, but it's important to opt for cold-pressed and virgin solutions, as they're the most natural and free of chemicals and additives. Massaging the oils into your scalp can help with flaking, dandruff and help promote the hair growth which is beneficial if your hair grows slowly. Applying oil to your hair will also keep your hair strong, soft and moisturized without causing any damages and side effects, but before using them, always perform a patch test inside your elbow just to be sure that it will work for you.

Try to avoid build-up

The build-up is what many people mistake for dandruff, and in that case, the solution is quite simple: avoid any heavy products that can cause them to build upon your scalp. Therefore, if you use conditioner, always make sure to apply it on tips of your hair, and if possible, avoid using silicones as they tend to accumulate and weigh your hair down. Additionally, if you apply styling products such as creams, mousses and gels, always avoid applying it near the scalp, in order to avoid the build-up. In case your hair and scalp are naturally oily, then it's recommended to wash your hair every other day, but be sure to use mild shampoos that are suitable for your hair type and don't contain any harsh and irritating ingredients.


Taking care of your hair is more than washing and styling. Your hair growth starts from the scalp so if you want your hair to be shiny and bouncy, you need to make sure that you're using the right products that won't irritate your scalp and dry your hair out. If possible, go and see a dermatologist who will inspect your scalp and help you pick the best hair products. Finally, don't buy any product that seems vaguely promising, instead, take your time to read the ingredients and application methods, and after some time, your scalp and hair will be healthy and free of any potential issues. 

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