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Different Types of Titanium Rings

Titanium rings are sleek, modern, jewellery rings that are growing in popularity due to their durability, platinum/white gold look, and the fact that they are hypoallergenic and will not turn in colour due to exposure to salt water or chlorine. They are also very lightweight which makes them comfortable and easy to wear. Titanium rings make wedding bands for both men and women. However, they are largely popular for men as wedding or engagements bands or as gifts. They can be customised with various types of finishes and engraving techniques.

Hammered Titanium Rings

Hammered Titanium Rings are created by simulating the technique of creating indentations in copper or any metalwork. Hammered titanium rings add texture to the traditionally smooth feel of the ring. They’re very unique in look and feel and are perfect for those who wish to add a hint of interest to their jewellery. The hammered texture is a little less informal than a wedding ring so they are more popular as a gift or a great addition to your ring collection. Take a look at our Neptune and Vega rings to get an idea of what the hammered detail looks like.

Dome Titanium Rings

Dome Titanium Rings are shaped much like a rainbow with edges curves in. The dome shape makes for an elegant and sophisticated look. They are the perfect setting to add a grooved design element as seen in our Ushakaron design. Dome titanium rings are great for both men and women especially as wedding bands. In its simplicity, dome profile rings may have a more feminine look particularly when they are smaller in width. The larger width rings with stripes or grooves appeal to the more masculine side.

Flat Titanium Rings

Flat titanium rings are more masculine in design as there are no curves. They are the perfect setting for laser cut-outs and slotted designs as seen in our Pembroke and IO designs. Engravings on the inside are available for all of our titanium rings, but they work great on the outside for flat profile rings. Take a look at our Subra and Datum designs. Flat titanium rings allow room for those who are more creative as displayed in our Aiden ring with celtic knot designs or they could be elegant and simple as seen in our Polaris design with an off-centre groove.

When searching for the right titanium ring, it’s important to consider the width as the smaller it is, the more feminine the design, the larger in width, the more masculine in design. If you are looking for a shiny ring, then choose a polished finish. If you’re looking for a smooth look and feel, then select a satin finish. You can engrave your wedding anniversary date or a personal message on the inside or outside of the ring of your choice. We offer four different fonts for your choose from. Our collection is titanium rings can be customised to your liking and are great for weddings or any other special moment in your life.

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