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Create Great Wedding Photos Tips

Create Great Wedding Photos Tips

The job of a wedding photographer might only seem like it is one of the easiest and most relaxing in the world. It is definitely a beautiful job, full of opportunities to be creative and meet wonderful people, however, the amount of stress that comes with it can sometimes be overpowering. Here are a few tips how to minimize the fuss and create beautiful photographs which will live up to your clients’ expectations.

- Chances are, the most nervous person at the wedding will be the bride. She will also be the one to judge your photos in the least of details so make sure you pay the most attention to her. Search fashion magazines for interesting and stylish poses and instruct her carefully.

- Before the wedding, ask about the venue and, if possible, go visit it. Look for some interesting places to take photographs at. You will usually want to look for long lines which will add to the overall look and feel of elegance in your photos.

- Do not plan weather dependant photo sessions. The weather is fickle, it changes before you know it. Think of a theme which can be adapted to different conditions.

- While horizontal and vertical photos are the norm, consider experimenting, tilting your camera every now and then. It adds the motion to your photographs and looks great in photo book albums, where it destroys monotony.

- People look their best when they are relaxed, but it is not easy to catch them relaxed on their wedding day. This is why you need to have a couple of tricks ready. Wait for the opportunity when someone else is taking a photo of them. Immediately after the photo is taken they will naturally relax - the right moment for you to shoot.

- Try not to be intrusive. Don’t interrupt the conversations just because you think you found the perfect timing for a photo. Guests do not like that and even if they agree to pose, they will not look their best.

- In the comfort of your photo studio, you have the necessary equipment to produce wonderful, dynamic photos. In the field, not so much. This is why you need to learn to use what you have. Looking for wind playing with the brides hair is a good idea and can produce some memorable photos.

- Do not use (too much) effects when doing wedding photography. Some adjustments are always necessary, of course, but too much effects create the artificial feeling which can destroy the emotion of the moment.

- Although we said you should not interrupt the guests with your moments of sudden inspiration, this is not to say you should not mingle and converse with them whenever possible. You will learn a lot about who you are taking photos of, which might give you some additional inspiration.

- Wait for the best man’s speech and watch the guests. These speeches are usually very emotional and will make the emotion surface on the faces of even the coldest-looking guests. This is your chance to shine.

Images credit: Finessence wedding photography



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