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6 Tasteful Urns And Considerations For Buying An Urn


It was the ancient romans who first started using cremation urns. Urns are used to store the remains of those who have passed in a dignified and humane manner. In fact it is also customary to use urns for our pets as we see them very much as equal and deserving of a way to keep hold of everlasting feeling of oneness with the departed.

​ The significant advantages of non burial funerals have made the procurement of a tasteful and lovely urn a necessity after a death. But what to look for and what is available? Your local funeral home will no doubt provide you with options but with this guide you can get a full picture.

​We should all plan for death with a funeral plan. That plan could also see yourself picking out your very own urn! It's a funny old world we live in. Planning your own funeral takes a burden away from the nearest family loving members.

Urns are a constant reminder of the dearly departed helping to keep the memories alive throughout generations.

A selection of popular Urns

Kissing Urn is a popular and non typical design symbolising the union you had with your partner. 

A beautiful classical shaped brass urn. Butterflies symbolise freedom.

Brass is a slightly more expensive and heavier material used for urns. The finishing can be very smooth and reflective as in this example here.

This teardrop Urn has a nice patina and certainly is a different shape which you might find is the ideal resting place for your dearly passed loved one. 

The colour of this Urn is to represent peace and the butterflies reinforce the beauty and nature of life itself. 

Made from pearl and brass this Urn has a fantastic presence through it's detailing and colouring.

A biodegradable 'Urn' is worth a mention. The idea is that you bury the urn with the remains of your loved ones and mixed in with the ashes are seeds you chose from and a tree grows from the burial spot. 

How Urns are made 

How a ceramic Urn is made

In this short video we see how a potter creates a square shape urn and uses that to create a mould. An ingenious technique indeed.

A pretty apple Urn 

This pretty apple Urn is created by turning on a lathe. I am sure you will agree it is a tasteful timeless design.

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Monday, 03 August 2020

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