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How to Secure the Home for Your Pet | Pet Insurance

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Pets give us so much love, and we give them love right back. It's our job to make them feel safe and secure at home. Of course, some pets are stubborn, daring or outrageous. Cuddle bunnies at night, but they may be escape artists during the day when you leave them home alone. 

Remove Physical Hazards 

There can be a lot of potential hazards in your home that you don't even know about. You should find a safe space to store things such as buttons, small batteries, twist ties, and rubber bands. In the bathroom keep hairpins, cotton swabs, hair ties and dental floss out of reach from your pet. And even bones or sticks should be carefully selected since splintered pieces are a sharp choking hazard.

If they are allowed to go outside, watch out for hidden pet poisons like cocoa mulch, some house plants, and ice melt. And no matter what the season, remember to plan any decor with your pet in mind. 

Create a Pet-friendly Zone

One of the best ways to minimize damage is to create a space just for your pet, complete with their bed and toys. This helps your pet acclimate to its environment and allows you to introduce them to other parts of your home as they mature. Keeping only items that are pet-friendly and chewable for your pet in this area is a good way to teach good chewing habits as well.

Secure Trash Cans, Recycling Bins and Chemicals

Your dinner leftovers in the trash outside might be toxic for your pet, nor would a bite of bug bait, antifreeze, fuel or cleaning supplies be a good idea. Remember to secure stuff in your garage as well, if your pet is allowed to leave the house.

Put Up a Fence

Electronic fences can keep your pet from roaming, but they don't stop people from coming into your yard. If your pet gets scared easily, you may prefer a traditional fence. If you install a fence, check that your pet can't dig under, squeeze through it or jump over it. Look over the fence every once in a while for any gaps and holes.

For example, if you have a cat that likes to roam free around the property, a very important step to do is to consult the companies like PetIDTag, and get an idea for choosing a tag that will have all of your information in case they get past the fence.

Keep Them from Escaping

Do your best to prevent their escape tricks with deadbolts on doors, locks on windows, and baby gates for stairs. Also by adding motion sensors, you will help protect your escape artist and send alerts to your smartphone when your pet is not where they should be. While your pet cannot escape through a cabinet, they could get stuck and hurt. Cabinet doors should be secured with baby latches.

Make a Protective Plan of Action That Includes Your Pet

Criminals who invade homes while the residents are present are much more impudent and violent. To protect your family and your pets, it is important to plan and think about the steps you can take in those situations to minimize the risks. If your plan includes having your family and pet retreat to a safe room or exits your home through a door or window, think of ways you can take your pet with you without placing yourself or other members of your family in any more danger.

Once came up with a plan, take the time to rehearse it with your family periodically. The more you rehearse, the better everyone will know how to protect themselves and your pet if the situation occurs.

Create a Pet-Friendly Entry

The overall goal is to create an entryway or mudroom that stops grime at the door. Choose flooring that's resistant to dirt and easy to wipe clean. Paint your walls with semi-gloss or egg-shell paint for protection against spatters. Any soft furnishings should be covered with stain-resistant fabric. Include a cabinet or set of bookshelves where you can store all your pet supplies like collars, treats, food, medicine, and toys.

Keep an old towel close by for wiping muddy paws clean before your pet has a chance to track dirt through the house.


Your pet does a lot for you, they snuggle with you when you're tired, give you something to talk about with friends, help teach responsibility to children, and distract you from the stress that comes with everyday life. Because of that, it is important to keep your beloved pet as safe as possible.

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