Everyone wishes to have an attractive house. Actually, how you decorate it is often what makes more of a difference than how it is built. Blemishes can be concealed with intelligent decoration.

To help you with this, given below are ten things that actually matter when it comes to home décor.

1.     Flooring

It would not be entirely wrong to state that the flooring is what helps visitors make that first impression when they enter a house. New flooring ideas, such as oak flooring, are being used extensively all around the world because of the difference they make.

2.     Furniture and Fixtures

Furniture and fixtures should be paid a lot of attention to because they have the ability to make or break a room. Furniture should always be bought keeping the available space, requirements and colour combinations in mind. Generally, wooden furniture is preferred for indoors because of its high quality. Nonetheless, in some areas such as kitchens, fixtures and furniture made from other materials may also be used.

3.     Walls

The colour of your wall should be chosen with care. You may keep it plain by using light colours such as white or baby pink or experiment by going wild with a mixture of bold colours such as red, yellow and orange. Additionally, you may also use wallpaper if it suits your taste.

You can decorate your walls cheaply with acrylic butterflies they simply transform the look. Use with great effect around picture frames and features. 

4.     Ceiling

A lot can be done with a ceiling. It is not something that should be left alone, especially when there is a huge lounge. A chandelier is a good idea. It will not only lighten up your room but also add that much needed richness and royalty to the room. However, it should always be chosen with care so that it goes well with rest of the items in the room.

5.     Curtains

One should never underestimate curtains. They are a very important part of home décor. Curtains should always be chosen carefully. If chosen wisely, they can make the entire room standout. Generally, light-dark combination is what works in this case.

6.     Showpieces

There are many types of showpieces that can be incorporated in a room ranging from flowerpots to lamps. Depending on your budget, tastes, room and availability of space, you can buy some interesting showpieces to add to your room. They have the ability to instantly grab attention if chosen wisely.

7.     Paintings

Paintings are colourful and can add glamour to any room. They are an integral part of today’s home décor. If you have big paintings, you do not need anything else to decorate the walls because they will perfectly do the job.

8.     Lights

Unfortunately, many people do not pay attention to lights and concentrate more on bigger things even when something as small as a light bulb can make a lot of difference. Lights can make a lot of difference. There are different types of lights in the market that may be chosen to add brightness and colour to a room.

9.     Doors and Windows

These days, there are very well furnished and designed doors and windows available in the market. Interior designers extensively use them to make a room noticeable. Large sliding windows are being used extensively these days mainly because of the comfort and attractiveness they offer. As for doors, wooden doors are still very much in demand.


The use of mirrors in home décor is not new. However, one should be careful in the placement of mirrors. They should not be very low as there is a danger of kids reaching them and causing an injury. They should be placed high carefully so that an interesting pattern is created. In bathrooms mirrors are key http://walkinshowers.org/best-lighted-vanity-mirror-reviews.html

These are some of the main things that actually matter in home decoration. It should be remembered that everything should be paid attention to and a plan should be prepared before work on decoration actually begins.

Author’s Bio

Peter Jorgensen is an interior designer with years of experience in his name. He mostly works for corporate clients paying attention to every detail from flooring to curtains to lighting. He emphasizes on always using new and latest ideas in everything, such as oak flooring in flooring.