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Why should a property manager bother with interior design and styling the rental property when they have lots of things to do on their plate? Well, the thing is it is one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of potential tenants and make them apply for renting the place. By styling the rental property unit, property managers can help potential tenants envision living in that place, and make them feel the comfort and the beauty as well as the compactness.

This means that is strongly recommended for any property manager to put their thinking caps on and start thinking of ways how to show the beauty of the place with interior design. For that purpose, here is a short guide including tips for decorating the rental property that property managers can easily do, without the need to hire an interior designer.

Decide on the Furnishings

Rental properties are not always fully furnished. So, you have to do something about it. First, think about the profile of tenants that are most suitable for this place. Are they a family with a pet, a couple with or without kids, are they a single working tenant who spends little to no time at home? Based on this you might want to define the style and design. Of course, you never know who will end up applying to rent the place, since you must respect the Fair Housing Laws; still, the neighborhood, the location, and the environment might give you a clue who’d want to live in such a place.

Once you know this, start decorating. First, add furniture. Renters expect that they will have a bed, sofa, wardrobe, table, and dining chairs - the bare minimum. You can go the extra mile and add a coffee table, TV stand, extra storage, chest of drawers, and some other stylish decorations that will open up the place.

Color and Vibes

Should you, as a property manager, decide on the color tones of the rooms in the rental property? The best advice would be no, since different people have different tastes, and going for bold choices like very bright colors, or dark hues of pastel colors might not be loved so much by the potential tenants. So, the best tip for you is to go neutral. Think of beiges, whites, and greys when working the rental place’s colors, and let the tenants decide what the final color touches will be.

If you still want to add some lively bursts of color to follow the season of the year’s vibes, use decorations in yellows, greens, and oranges so if they don’t like them they can easily put them away.

Greenery Is a Must

Bring in some of the nature indoors. Adding pots of plants and flowers in strategic corners of the rooms, or on shelves can easily make the place much more alive. Potential tenants will feel a connection with nature right inside of the comfort of their homes, and there is no greater pleasure, especially for people who are environmentally conscious and want to be in touch with nature even when they enjoy a peaceful afternoon in their homes.

Showcase the Kitchen

Kitchens are always a favorite place for potential family type of tenants. If you ask the real estate agents, they will tell you that kitchens are the rooms that actually sell the place. Use that to your advantage and showcase the kitchen in all of its glory. Show its functionality, convenience, and style and, if needed, put some effort into adding a fresh coat of paint on cabinet doors, change the tiles or any appliances so that you can transform the whole vibe of the room.

Improve the Flooring

To avoid often fixes in the future, make sure you go for a hard-wearing option for the flooring. Such an option is the perfect mix of style and durability and your tenants will love it as much as you do. You can go for laminate flooring that looks land and gives the feel of more expensive wooden floors but is much cheaper, yet more durable and scratch-resistant. Then, think about choosing carpets that have colors and designs that will mask the inevitable stains.

Quality Above All

Whatever style you decide to go for, make sure you showcase quality. No one wants to see an illusion that can easily go away when the real styling comes into place. If you want to attract quality tenants, you need to provide quality as well. To do so, you need to have a clearly defined budget so you can have enough money to execute the whole style. Set the tone of the rental property with quality pieces, and transform the place into a desirable home for potential tenants.


In summary, paying attention to interior design can greatly boost the appeal of rental properties, helping property managers attract tenants. The tips provided here offer practical advice for managers to decorate rental units effectively, making them more inviting. By focusing on quality and thoughtful design choices, managers can create desirable living spaces that attract tenants and contribute to the success of their rental business.