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Best Birthday Gifts for Him This Summer

A lot of husbands and boyfriends complain about having to buy their spouse a birthday present. ‘I just don’t know what you like,’ they moan. ‘I really don’t want to end up getting something you won’t want.’ Then there’s that old chestnut – ‘I don’t know what to buy for a woman.’ The only thing that will calm them down is a handwritten list, detailing what gifts you’d like and where he can find them. There, a simple job made even simpler. Ladies - let’s keep this between us, but it can be a right palaver working out what birthday present to buy for the man in your life. You’d never admit it of course, but it’s true. Men can be tricky creatures at the best of times. They might seem straightforward but how can you really know whether he’ll like those personalised cuff links or that mug with ‘World’s Best Lover’ printed on the front? Maybe it’d be easier to get him an Xbox game. Is that cheating? Picking a present your husband, boyfriend or fiancé doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are some of the best gifts on the market right now. Cassette Playlist Print, Betsy Benn £38

This is actually a super cool idea. You simply give the retailer a list of 16 song titles that mean a lot to your partner – they could be songs from your wedding day, songs from his childhood or just tracks that he really loves. A font expert will then lovingly scribe these song titles onto an attractive black and white canvas, featuring 16 different cassette designs, says result is an extremely beautiful, retro canvas print with a very special message. X-Lpase £19.99

If your guy fancies himself as a bit of a filmmaker – why not get give him the opportunity to create his own time lapse films? It’s not like you really have to think that they’re ‘just as good as David Attenborough’s’ – just nod, smile and be encouraging. The X-Lapse camera mount is a rotating tripod that’s suitable for everything from the smallest digital camera, to the largest SLR device. It even works with mobile phones. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Your boyfriend or husband attaches his camera to the X-Lapse mount and sets it to time lapse mode – the gadget will do the rest. At just £19.99, it won’t break the bank either. According to International Business Times journalist Reissa Su, gadgets are some of the best gifts to give to men. Wacky Racers Driving Experience £100

This gift might require you to splash out a little more but it’ll be worth it to see the smile on his face, say the experts at Your man will be taken to a top secret race track to try out some of Britain’s craziest vehicles. There are cars made from toilets, sofas, office chairs, dining room tables and even double beds. The leopard print sofa car that appeared on TV show Top Gear is here too. Refreshments are provided throughout the day and your man will leave with a special Wacky Racers goodie bag. Go on – indulge the child in him. Hammock In A Bag £15.99

What a perfect gift for summer! If you’ve got two trees with low hanging branches in your garden – stick a hammock on them. Even better, set up the hammock on a hot sunny afternoon or evening before your man comes home. Then lead him mysteriously outside where there’s a cold beer and a newspaper waiting right next to his brand new hammock. Plus, it folds neatly away so it won’t get under your feet when summer disappears and it has to come inside. One more thing – don’t forget to send your man a birthday card this year. It doesn’t have to be a staid piece of paper with a boring message on the front. Why not pick and personalise your very own e-card instead? The funnier, the better. He’ll love it if you get a little wicked on him. Author Bio: Jane is editor of a women’s magazine. She recommends Katie’s Cards for a great selection of birthday e-cards and messages. She can be found blogging about family life.

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Choosing Gifts for Men with an Eye on Fun

Men will always be men, and all they want is to have some fun. So, why not choose some unique gifts for men that are funny, interesting and which they will love using. Most men, even the ones with that come across as being very serious are suckers for fun. Right from the geekiest to the coolest of them all and every man in between loves products that give them scope to have fun, especially with their buddies. For most of them fun isn’t really fun, if you cannot have it with your friends.

The point is, if they love fun so much; give them what they want when you pick a gift for them. Don’t play it safe, pick something exciting that will have them smiling, laughing and having a great time. There are plenty of sellers that will help get your hands on such gifts, unique gifts by Funslurp are a great example.

Fearfully Funny

One of the easier choices is something that can scare the hell out of them, something like the Six Foot Fake Snake. Yes it fake but it’s so lifelike, that only the owner will know it’s not real. Imagine the fake snake strategically placed on the edge of the sofa, and the terrified expression on the person’s face when he realizes he’s been sharing his sofa with a snake. The chuckles that will follow when he calms down and realizes it’s a fake snake make such gifts a great choice. It’s the kind of product that offers enjoyable entertainment every time you use it.

Deliciously Funny

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