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Choosing Gifts for Men with an Eye on Fun


Men will always be men, and all they want is to have some fun. So, why not choose some unique gifts for men that are funny, interesting and which they will love using. Most men, even the ones with that come across as being very serious are suckers for fun. Right from the geekiest to the coolest of them all and every man in between loves products that give them scope to have fun, especially with their buddies. For most of them fun isn’t really fun, if you cannot have it with your friends.

The point is, if they love fun so much; give them what they want when you pick a gift for them. Don’t play it safe, pick something exciting that will have them smiling, laughing and having a great time. There are plenty of sellers that will help get your hands on such gifts, unique gifts by Funslurp are a great example.

Fearfully Funny

One of the easier choices is something that can scare the hell out of them, something like the Six Foot Fake Snake. Yes it fake but it’s so lifelike, that only the owner will know it’s not real. Imagine the fake snake strategically placed on the edge of the sofa, and the terrified expression on the person’s face when he realizes he’s been sharing his sofa with a snake. The chuckles that will follow when he calms down and realizes it’s a fake snake make such gifts a great choice. It’s the kind of product that offers enjoyable entertainment every time you use it.

Deliciously Funny

There are plenty of products out there whose designs revolve around food, and that’s where the funniness quotient comes from. Take the case of Bacon Band Aids. No, they aren’t made from bacon, but are fully functional band aids that look like bacon strips. These hygienic aids don’t look very hygienic at all, but they do look funny. Cover up cuts and minor scrapes with these “bacon strips” and your friends will wonder whether you have finally lost it after so many years. Loud guffaws of laughter will follow when they realize they have been had. No prizes for guessing, this is as fun as it gets.

Disgustingly Funny

This is a funny party “pooper”, if there was one. Imagine guests running to the bathroom with a potty emergency and finding poop on the toilet seat. Only, that this isn’t really poop, but Fake Human Poop, that looks disgustingly real. The results of leaving this piece of fake poop on the pot or floating in the pot will be truly epic. So, why not gift your friends one of these and let them have some fun, they won’t be disappointed in the least. Yes, it disgusting, but don’t worry, it’s a funny gifts that most men will appreciate. Everyone loves a good gag and this is as good as it can get, even if disgustingly so.

Surprisingly, not many people use fun as important parameter for choosing their gift. Utility is usually the overriding factor that that is considered for choosing a gift, while fun in most cases is not considered at all, unless and until the gift is for a child. That’s funny, because this decision is based on the premise that adults don’t like having fun, which is not true at all. So, the next time you are buying gifts for somebody, especially men, choose something with an eye on fun. Check whether the man you are going to buy it for, will have fun using it. Making it an important decision making factor ensure your gift will be appreciated and remembered for a very long time to come.

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