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What if???

What if???

What if…..?

I woke up this morning to find that my wife was already down stairs with my six week old son. As I lifted myself from my king size bed I thought, What if I could install the machine out of Wallace and Gromit. You all know the device I’m talking about, the machine that tilts you out of bed, showers you and brushes your teeth for you. I know this sounds lazy but just imagine how awesome this would be if you could buy something like this on the market. Or what if a large suction tube descended upon you just after you get out of bed that washes you, dry’s you and dresses you. We live in the 21st century, we can send out unmanned drones to strategically fire missiles right up the back side of anyone unfortunate enough to be on our naughty list. So why can’t I have a device that carries out the tedious tasks of personal hygiene?

Once I’ve grunted, groaned and stretched off, I wrap myself in my dressing gown and head towards the toilet, and then once again I had another crazy machination. What if, instead of wasting time on the toilet, wasting toilet paper and baby wipes, imagine there was a device that can digitally remove your bodily waste as and when requested? I mean, our bowel movements aren’t exactly a pleasant experience for all, not to mention we could save money on toilet cleaner, and air freshener. I saw an episode of Family Guy, this particular story encompassed the possibly of the multi verse theory. The theory states that there are millions of universes all parallel to each other in different dimensions. Well in this particular episode one universe is so advanced that all bowel movements can be requested at will and are digitally removed and sent to another universe. Also AIDS is a curable disease, by simply taking a pill and it is obliterated immediately, also another what if question to think about.

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