Kim & Kanye Still to Officially Announce the Birth of their Daughter

So as the whole world knows, Kim Kardashian gave birthday to a premature baby daughter this past Saturday the 15th of June, five weeks early.  The tiny tot, is said to weigh in at a little under five pounds, which is pretty good for that gestation.  Pictures having emerged of Kim's best friends Jonathan Cheban and Brittney Gastineau both arriving at the celeb favourite hospital Cedars Sinai with flowers and gifts. 


Sources close to both Kim and baby daddy Kanye West have said the little girl is the spitting image of Kim and has dark hair, which is very unsurprising as both of her parents have dark hair, doh!

What I do find surprising is that neither Kim or any of the Kardashian clan have officially announced the baby's arrival, even though Kim announces everything including toilet visits on her Twitter account!  However, both Khloe Kardashian-Odom, Kim's sister and Kardashian Momager, Kris Jenner have made reference the little one's birth on their own Twitter feeds.

Khloe tells the world - “Overwhelmed with love right now.” While Kris held out until Father's Day to tell Kanye West via Twitter - "HAPPY FATHERS DAY @kanyewest !!!!!"

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Khloe Kardashian - Odom Stunning In Orange & White Dress! But should lose the Kanye Shoes!

Like sister Kim, Khloe has unfortunately taken a un-warranted bashing over her her curvy figure over the years.  She's made well documented attempts at losing weight, even signing up to be the face of slimming pills 'Nutratrim' with her two siblings, Kim and Kourtney a couple of years ago.  

However, it now seems that Khloe has been successful and looks hotter than ever in this orange and white striped number.


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Kardashian Klan Worried Kanye isn't Treating Kim Right!

Personally I never did get how the whole Kanye and Kim thing happened.  He never appeared in any of their shows, then all of a sudden it was all Kanye and Kanye that Then bam! Kim was cooking a Kanye shaped baby!

And now Kardashian matriach Kris Jenner, is more than concerned with Kanye's recent behaviour after video from a recent trip to Paris emerged of Kanye waiting for heavily pregnant Kim to open a door for him!  He also seems to dislike the paparazzi, firing off a foul-mouth tirade at them last week.  “The Kardashian family members, particularly Kim’s mom Kris Jenner, are growing increasingly concerned about how Kanye treats Kim.” An insider close to the Kardashian family told RadarOnline. “Kris is also concerned about how Kanye acts around the paparazzi. The Kardashians have made their names off the back off being photographed, but Kanye has a real aversion to it.”


He never looks that happy and even Gwyneth Paltrow admitted at this years Met Gala he was more than a tad moody.  Gwyneth said, “This year it was so intense, it wasn’t fun, Kanye West was playing, he was furious, he threw his microphone down, it was all drama.”

Well let's hope he manages to chill out a bit when his little bundle of joy enters the world!

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Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Wardrobe Malfunction

Before I start this article, I'd like to say I'm not out to 'bash' Kim, I personally know how difficult it is to dress when pregnant, as I like Kim carried my last pregnancy around my whole body and didn't atually have a pronounced bump until late into my third trimester, giving the illusion that I'd just eaten a few too many pies.  I remember at the time, that both Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba were pregnant at the same time as me, and I had total bump envy.  They seemed to have to the perfect round bump and me, well I just looked fat. So poor Kim, and I use the word lightly, because I don't actually feel sorry for her, she's rich, can afford to buy anything she wants and has stylists on tap, but the woman does need to buy a mahoosive mirror.  The sheer catalogue of disasters is mind boggling.  Take last week for instance both she and Kanye West attended the Met Gala, and he unfortunately looked as though he was walking around with my nan's old sofa on his arm. Robin Williams tweeted a very funny picture of himself donned in a very similar outfit he'd worn in the legendary Mrs Doubtfire movie, and compared it to Kim's outfit, making the quip ' I think I wore it better', and I have to say I agree!


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Kimye splurges on new crib

First comes love then comes marriage the comes a baby...wait. For us mere mortals maybe, for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West more affectionately called Kimye, things are a little different. First comes love then comes, pregnancy, then comes a ten million dollar 5 bedroom mansion. A big splurge on a crib..and not the one for the baby on the way. By the time the dust settled on the pregnancy announcement, news from Kimye's camp comes of a major purchase.


kimye house by sugarnstyle-visuals on Polyvore

A super home with lots of rooms, rumoured to cost millions will be home to the newest Kardashian. The term keeping up with the Kardashians is so fitting, as the Jones's have nothing on them. The palatial house in the hills boats neighbours like Jennifer Aniston. Baby Kimye will undoubtedly be lavished with only the best, so this mansion is only the beginning. Rumour has it the couple has plans to gut the entire house and re-do it to their taste, but that is yet to be seen. As we await baby Kimyes arrival we also await all the pomp and pageantry that will come along with his or her arrival.

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Keeping up with the newest Kardashian

So Kimye is pregnant.  A very elated Kanye West broke the news at a concert a couple days before the New Year. So "big up my baby mama" may be a little different from what the rest of Kardashian clan may be accustomed to, but the announcement has the entire family elated. Team Kardashian shared their excitement on twitter and it seems Kim and Kanye have their full support. So with all the excitement Kimye is now hounded by the paparazzi everywhere they go. Not to say they weren't before, just with the pregnancy announcement its amplified to the highest level.


Kimye by sugarnstyle-visuals featuring false eyelashes

Speculation with regards to the sex of the baby has already begun. A very excited Kim announced she would be happy no matter what sex the baby is, and just wants to focus on having a good pregnancy and healthy child. She does admit to craving certain vegetables but otherwise is keeping well. Surrounding this exciting news is the possibility of legal problems due to the fact that Kim is technically still married to Kris Humphries. We wait and see what implications baby will have on their long drawn out divorce battle. Regardless of the circumstance of this pregnancy, the world awaits impatiently for the newest Kardashian. So much so that it seems as if Kim has stolen the shine from Kate Middleton. Quite frankly Kardashians are American royalty like them or not. So watch out world, keeping up with the Kardashians is getting that much harder. Boy or girl this baby will be born into the lap of luxury, with the parents like Kimye.

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