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So Kimye is pregnant.  A very elated Kanye West broke the news at a concert a couple days before the New Year. So "big up my baby mama" may be a little different from what the rest of Kardashian clan may be accustomed to, but the announcement has the entire family elated. Team Kardashian shared their excitement on twitter and it seems Kim and Kanye have their full support. So with all the excitement Kimye is now hounded by the paparazzi everywhere they go. Not to say they weren't before, just with the pregnancy announcement its amplified to the highest level.


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Speculation with regards to the sex of the baby has already begun. A very excited Kim announced she would be happy no matter what sex the baby is, and just wants to focus on having a good pregnancy and healthy child. She does admit to craving certain vegetables but otherwise is keeping well. Surrounding this exciting news is the possibility of legal problems due to the fact that Kim is technically still married to Kris Humphries. We wait and see what implications baby will have on their long drawn out divorce battle. Regardless of the circumstance of this pregnancy, the world awaits impatiently for the newest Kardashian. So much so that it seems as if Kim has stolen the shine from Kate Middleton. Quite frankly Kardashians are American royalty like them or not. So watch out world, keeping up with the Kardashians is getting that much harder. Boy or girl this baby will be born into the lap of luxury, with the parents like Kimye.

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Hollywood baby blue baby boom

It seems as if there's a baby boom in Hollywood. Celebrities are popping up every day with a baby bump. From celebs who make grand announcements of pregnancy like Beyonce to those who are hounded by the paparazzi to confirm rumours, like Resse Witherspoon. In either case fans welcome the offspring of celebrity's who when born have a following all their own. From the fashionista Suri to Victoria Beckham's newest bundle of joy, everyone watches for the next play date, outfit or birthday party. But what’s different this year is that the baby boom seems a bit one sided. Well pregnancy only gives one of two choices...boy or girl. This year it seems like the odds are stacked up for boys. Hollywood is having a celebrity baby blue baby boom. It’s as if the stork has orders only for delivery of bouncing baby boys.


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The list of celebrities who will deliver this year is long, even longer is the list of expected baby boys. Nicole "snooki" Polizzi, MTV's Jersey Shore reality TV star, is expecting her first child with fiancé Jianni. Even though she would have preferred a little snooki, Nicole says she’s happy with her guido, and just wants a healthy baby. E!'s Giuliani Rancic has had a long road to mommy hood, with problems with infertility. Her journey which has been shared with the world on her reality show on the style network, is finally getting a happy ending. The proud mama announced that a gestational carrier will allow herself and husband Bill Rancic to have their first child later this year. Most recently the star revealed at their baby shower that the baby is a boy. Even Giuliana notices the baby blue boom. Other stars like Jennifer Garner, Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson have all delivered boys this year, and waiting in the wings is Vanessa Minnillo. Mrs Lachey is also expecting her and Nick Lacheys first child later this fall. Let’s watch the celebrity baby bumps that continue to pop up, and see if the baby blue will make way for some pink.

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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi goes from booze bottles to baby bottles

Nicole Polizzi more affectionately known as Snooki, burst onto the scene a few years ago on MTV's Jersey Shore. Her intentions and motives were made clear the moment she arrived at the shore house. She was ready to party, and party some more. That first season and subsequent seasons of the show Snooki was on many an episode a belligerent drunk. Waking up with a hangover, just to go party and get drunk all over again. Over and over that’s all we saw. A young girl characterised by drinking, partying, dancing, and smushing (as she calls it). While the other roommates followed suit, Snooki stole the show with her wild antics. Their popular GTL...gym, tan, laundry schedule should be adjusted to be gym, tan, laundry, smush, drink, dance, drink, party, drink, smush. Oh, let’s not forget to pencil in the few hours of work at the T shirt shop. Even when "working" Snooki managed to mess that up too, many hours were wasted arriving to work late, and idling on the job. So after years on the show Jersey Shore Snooki is a household name. But are we seeing a change? A few years into the show Snooki met the love of her life, Jianni. He was depicted on the show of being somewhat of a control freak that was trying to change who Snooki was. Nicole spent many hours crying over Jianni and trying to make up for the consequences of her wild ways. So was Jianni trying to help Snooki, or change her into the girlfriend he wants? Nicole’s roommates felt that Jianni should accept her or leave her. But Snooks kept fighting for her man. Later episodes showed Snooki trying to be more responsible and ladylike to keep Jianni happy. Most recently the couple announced their engagement and also they are expecting a baby. Will Snooki's wild ways be tamed by becoming a wife and mother? Or is her personality hard to suppress? Only time will tell. But for now, Snooki is looking forward to being a mom of a little Guido...and also becoming Mrs. Jianni in the very near future.


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