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Things You Should Know About Wool Fiber

Wool is one the top materials, that is used clothing. It is defined as any protein fiber that is taken from the fleece of the sheep and camels and spun into a yarn. Wool is available in several texture and weights. It has become the first choice for former clothing for many people. Knowing more about wool fabric can help you in making a right decision on clothing that you are going to buy.

Features of Wool

Wool filament consists of the inner core of protein, which is protected and covered by the overlapping scales. These overlapping scales are hard so they increase the durability of the wool fiber. It is strong and stretchy. It is either wavy or crimped depending on the type of wool. Types of wool vary from animal to animal. Naturally, wool fiber contains lanolin, which repels water.

Benefits of Wool

Along with the durability and flexibility, wool fiber has many other benefits. For example, when we wear it, it wicks away perspiration and permits it to fade away. That is the reason why people who work in hot environment love to wear wool clothes. Wool fiber resists the stains because of the presence of lanolin and scales on the wool. In addition, wool fiber keeps heat close to the body, as it is an excellent insulator.

Different Types of Wool and Their Features

As we, all know that wool is taken from different animals but the most common type of wool is sheep's wool. Every type of wool has its own benefits and features. Alpaca wool has a shine, and tends to be silkier and considerably lighter in weight than the wool taken from sheep. Mohair wool is taken from the Angora goat and it is light in weight but it is considered as one of the durable and strong wool fibers. Similarly, Angora Rabbits produce Angora wool, which is very gentle, soft and has all the properties of all natural wool particularly heat retaining. The type of Cashmere wool is taken from Kashmir goats, and it is considered as one of the most expensive types of wool available in the market. It is light in weight. Wool, which is taken from the hairs of Camel, is known as Camelhair wool. It is famous for its lustrous shine, golden brown color, and soft texture.


As, wool is a sensitive fiber, so it requires a proper care. In order to enhance the durability and efficiency of the wool garments, instruction tags are attached with them. So read the instruction tag before washing and storing it. Most importantly, it cannot be bleached, and should not be dried out in the dryer because it might shrink. In the same way, it is very attractive to moths that can make holes in the wool fiber. Always wash wool clothing with mild detergent because stronger detergent can cause wool fiber to lose its softness and shape. Woolen clothes should be hand washed and dried out on the plain surface in order to keep the shape intact.

Misconceptions About Wool Fiber

One of the most common misconceptions about wool fiber is that it is always scratchy. However, the reality is that wool fiber becomes scratchy when it is bleached and dried out in the dryer. Woolen clothes are very gentle and soft, it is improper care or production that removes this benefit from them.

David is professional blogger and writer. He has expertise in the niche of fashion and wool garments. He also writes for Woolme.com site as a freelance writer. At Woolme, you can find out latest wool throws, such as alpaca throws, cashmere throws, etc.

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