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The Geometric Patterned T Shirts That Mesmerize!

geometric animal t shirts geometric animal t shirts

​Geometric patterned T Shirts hit the shelves around 2019 but it is always a while before they become popular. 2020 is going to see these take off. Usually the designs originate in China free of copyright concerns they are free to explore.

These Tee Shirts need to be seen rather than talked about so let's go! 


Fox Geometric T Shirt 

My personal favourite. It's not just the design it's also the colours with grey through white and black. 

Black Bear Geometric T Shirt 

If you prefer your Tees dark then the bear is a great choice.

Fox Geometric T Shirt 

I also like this Fox Tee Shirt. I find it very clever how they have given real depth to all of these shirts. Some work better than others I am sure you have your favourites too. Please let us know in the comments which you like.

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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

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