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The Advantages Of Narrow Home Designs

Narrow home designs are nothing new. They've been around for centuries and have been used by several cultures throughout history. One good example of this was the Roman Insula, which also used narrow block designs in order to conserve space and available land in crowded cities all over Ancient Rome. Today, narrow block homes are still widely used all over the world. They are widely used in residential areas where it is unfeasible to build wide houses, or in urban areas where living space is very limited.


They are particularly useful to those of us who cannot afford to buy large plots of land on which our homes. As you know, space is one of the most essential characteristics of a good home. Most conventional home designs fail to meet this requirement due to constraints in available land.

Fortunately, this is not a problem for narrow block designs. Despite their constrictive appearance, narrow block homes are able to offer more space by allowing homeowners to add additional flats on the original design, thus expanding the availability of space through a vertical direction.

The most important feature of narrow block designs are their conservative approach to the amount of available space within a certain area. In fact, even the space under the stairs are used for storage, and even lofts are used for holding materials needed around the house. So if you want a spacious home, but cannot afford to buy a large plot of land, these designs can offer you the solutions you need.

The Cost of Narrow Home Designs

As for the cost of narrow block homes, it's worth mentioning that they are generally more affordable than houses built on expansive pieces of land in high value areas. As you might guess, this is because narrow block homes don't require large plots of land, and so it allows homeowners to invest their money on other areas of their house. In most cases, the extra money is used to purchase additional flats that would increase the home's living space by making it taller.

The Key Benefits of Narrow Home Designs

1. Because narrow block homes only require very small plots of land, they help homeowners get more value out of their properties.

2. Narrow block designs are intended to allow as much natural light into your home as possible.

3. Narrow block homes are usually designed to facilitate maximum storage space by concentrating closets in areas where they are most practical. What this basically means is that extra storage (and therefore extra space) are one of the key features of narrow home designs.

4. Because narrow block homes don't require a lot of outdoor living space, homes built using this design are more likely to have porches and patios than conventional home designs.

5. Tall houses offer more space by increasing the distance between the floor and its ceiling, thus increasing the amount of space in each room inside the house.

6. It's easier to assign a new floor on a tall block house, because they occupy a smaller area than most conventional homes.

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