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10 Innovative Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

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Anyone can create a beautiful home, but designing a home which is original, inspirational and incredible all at the same time can be a little bit trickier. Thankfully though, there are dozens of great ideas out there, which will help homeowners create a unique and unusual home. Here are 10 ideas that will give homeowners a head-start and a head's up when it comes to finding the best innovative interior design items.

1) Funky Storage Boxes

Plain, plastic boxes are a thing of the past! With a range of funky and unusual shaped storage boxes now available, homeowners don't need to find a place to hide away containers. In addition to serving a practical purpose, boxes can act as a stylish accessory, creating a fun, funky and fabulous mood.

2) Antique Furniture

Unusual, old and quirky, antique furniture is a great way for homeowners to make their home stand out from the crowd. From grand, mahogany wardrobes to framed, golden mirrors, there is a variety of spectacular antique furniture available. With items from all eras, those who want to set a classic and elegant tone can do so with the help of antiques. Check Antique Style Mirror Coffee Tables for example.

3) Retro Runners

Runners are a superb feature piece for the home, and can act as a central accessory in addition to covering up existing floor damage. For a truly colourful and captivating home, retro floor-coverings are ideal. A popular style in the fashion industry, retro designs are a perfect way to add a bit of glitz and glamour to the home.

4) Patterned Flooring

Those wanting to take a risk should try out patterned flooring. From stripes to swirls, patterned flooring will grab the attention of friends and family, creating a room unlike any other. Acting as the main feature of the room, patterned flooring will single-handedly create a stylish and original home.

5) Glass Tables

Glass tables are a creative and innovative design and will beautifully complement contemporary and minimalistic themes. Sleek and stylish, glass tables exist in an array of shapes and styles. From surf board coffee tables to circular dining tables, there are dozens of styles to complement every home and design.

6) Uniquely-shaped Chairs

Combining comfort with creativity, there are a range of both dining and lounging chairs available which will make for an innovative home. Whilst rustic and rural wooden chairs will give rooms the appearance of a cosy log cabin, colourful egg-shaped chairs are simply a contemporary and modern furniture masterpiece.

7) Wall-papered Ceiling

Ceilings don't have to be plain, white and dull. Wall-papered ceilings will bring rooms to life, creating an enchanting and magical atmosphere. From stylish black and white or gentle floral paper to dazzling colourful designs, homeowners will find wall-papered ceilings the best way to make a striking impression on guests.

8) Inspirational Wall-Art

An innovative and unique idea, wall-art is becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners. An excellent way to give each room a personal, hand-crafted touch, wall-art will make for an individual and inspiring home.

9) Glass Chandeliers

Lighting is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of interior design. Those looking for something dramatic, spectacular and ultra impressive need look no further than delicate glass chandeliers. A great way to create a stunning atmosphere, glass chandeliers radiate luxury and sophistication.

10) Fun-shaped Lamps

Lamps may be practical but that doesn't mean they can't be fun! With innovative designs such as mushroom-shaped lamps and figurine lighting, homeowners can be fun and flamboyant in their lighting choices. Lamps can double up as accessories, adding to the overall ambience of the room.


These ten innovative interior design ideas are guaranteed to make for a completely eye-catching home. From weird and wonderful furniture to funky, fun-shaped lamps, both big and small items alike are bound to have a striking impact on visitors. Those looking to create a unique and individual home will find a wide range of superb interior design ideas!

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