10 Innovative Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

10 Innovative Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

Anyone can create a beautiful home, but designing a home which is original, inspirational and incredible all at the same time can be a little bit trickier. Thankfully though, there are dozens of great ideas out there, which will help homeowners create a unique and unusual home. Here are 10 ideas that will give homeowners a head-start and a head's up when it comes to finding the best innovative interior design items.

1) Funky Storage Boxes

Plain, plastic boxes are a thing of the past! With a range of funky and unusual shaped storage boxes now available, homeowners don't need to find a place to hide away containers. In addition to serving a practical purpose, boxes can act as a stylish accessory, creating a fun, funky and fabulous mood.

2) Antique Furniture

Unusual, old and quirky, antique furniture is a great way for homeowners to make their home stand out from the crowd. From grand, mahogany wardrobes to framed, golden mirrors, there is a variety of spectacular antique furniture available. With items from all eras, those who want to set a classic and elegant tone can do so with the help of antiques.

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Be creative with your carpet

When it comes to choosing the right carpet for your home it can be a real pain deciding on the perfect one. There are so many different styles, colours, designs, materials and textures to choose from it can be a head spin choosing the right one. There are plenty of quality carpets online at such places as allfloorsexpress.com. Take a look through these 4 fantastic rug designs too! They will blow you away with their crazy originality.

This crazy mess of rug goodness is the wild creation of Nate Siverstein and Andrea Paustenbaugh. They come in a variety of different colours and are great if you want to create a unique and crazy look in your home. Hovering might be a challenge though, but if you have cats they are guaranteed to be entertained for an eternity.

This fun landscape rug was designer by Laurens van Wieringen. Its very soft despite its bumpy appearance. It’s perfect for a kids room where they can explore the colours, textures and feel of the rug. This colourful and friendly, this rug is made of tiny foam-bars, some bigger than the others, which give shape to a miniature landscape.

These fun and colourful rugs have got to be my favourite out the bunch. It comes from JAB Anstoetz and is made from merino wool. It reminds me of Nemo’s home from “finding nemo”, an anemone. They are soft and no modern looking. They are perfect for a contemporary home. The innovative “tubes” are placed on a solid and resistant base.

If you love meat you will adore these rugs! They are a perfect and fun addition to any kitchen giving it a quirky effect. Designed by German studio Flachbild, these unusual products are knitted from wool and have a soft feel. These rugs are sure to add personality to any house.

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