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Plan Your Holiday In Paris And Cherish The Moments Later

Enter Paris, also known as city of romance is one of the most majestic getaways for those who want a memorable holiday with the loved one. By this time, we all know the beauty, grandeur and sophistication that this city carries and why people are in love with the city, cherishing every moment they spent. 

Places to visit 

The list starts with Eiffel tower which was built to honour the French revolution and celebrate its hundredth anniversary. You can take the ticket which can be taken from the booth placed near the tower and enjoy the view. If you are an architect or lover of architecture, then Notre Dame Cathedral should not be given a miss as it is one of the finest pieces of architecture that you will find. Louvre Museum is another attraction which is situated in the center of Paris and was once a royal palace which is now converted into museum. 

There are eight divisions in this museum, divided according to the places such as Egyptian antiquities, Islamic art, Graphic arts, Paintings, Oriental antiquities and so on. You have to dedicate a day or at least half of it to go around the museum and appreciate the old, medieval and modern antiquities. 

Champs Elysees or Arch of triumph is another spectacular monument that you should not miss. Napolean directed Jean Chalgrin to build the arch in honour of the imperial armies. This monument was built in 19th century and is one of a kind in the world. 

For those who are fond of cruising can enjoy cruise on the Seine and visit the city of lights. Also, you can fulfil your dream of dinner on the cruise as it takes around two hours to reach the city of lights. Other places that should not be missed are Montmartre, the famous palace of Versailles, Latin, Moulin Rouge and last but not the least Disneyland Paris. 

How to plan?

Before planning your trip to Paris there are few things that you should know and ask your travel agent. Look for the affordable ways to go such as use Via.com coupons to cut the cost of your travel and that money you can use for lodging and other expenses in the country. Those planning for the trip should know about the weather in which they are visiting to the place. During the spring and summer you can enjoy the pleasant weather of Paris but rains is a frequent occurrence and therefore carry a raincoat and umbrella with you. Also, if you are visiting during the winter then dress in layers as strong winds can result in temperature drop extremely. 

While you can enjoy rebate through musafir coupons on your flight to Paris, but it is suggested to book the conveyance in advance to reach the city from the airport. You can also take the taxis that are available at the airport and have fixed spots up to where it will drop you. 

If you want to enjoy Paris, then walk your way as it is one of the best cities in whole of Europe which can be navigated on foot

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