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Men's Spring Fashion Trends

Winter is finally over and although it may not feel like it, spring is now upon us which means that the weather will soon be changing for the better.

The best thing about the weather's metamorphosis as we go into spring and summer is that it means you can finally start mixing up your wardrobe and dressing for a warmer climate. The spring and summer months always seem better for fashion as there is so much more choice and colour to add to our wardrobes so here are a few tips to get you ahead of the times for the coming months.

The smart jacket

Throughout the winter I'm sure if you're anything like me you've been dressing to ensure you stay warm and that means a lot of layers and big coat. Well now that the weather is set to start improving we can exchange our big coats for a more stylish jacket which can do a job of keeping out the chill whilst also looking smart and cool at the same time.

Check out Zara's collection of bomber jackets and bodywarmers for a trendy way to stay warm this spring.

Light jeans

Let's face it black jeans are never going to go out of fashion but now that the weather is going to be warmer it seems more acceptable to start bringing some colour into your life and opting for some light blue and possibly even white jeans when we get to the summer.

There is often a lot of scepticism around the light jean style but there is no doubt that it is bang in style for the upcoming spring and summer months.

Military inspiration

You can expect to see a great deal of greens in the upcoming months as there is a lot of emphasis on military inspired fashion meaning that all types of green will be popular and this was backed up by a collection shown off by Calvin Klein at a recent fashion event.


Chinos are ideal for adding some lighter colours to your trouser department. They look good in any shade and style while also looking cool rolled up with a pair of loafers and a smart shirt.

Smart Brogues

You can't go wrong with a smart pair of brogues to wear with jeans, suit pants and even shorts these days. Take a look at some boot versions to wear with some flared jeans which seem to be making a comeback this year.

Waistcoats are back

If you're looking to don a suit for the races this summer you should know that waistcoats are back with a bang. This look seems to be a big yes this spring and you can even get away with taking the suit jacket off and still looking super cool.

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