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LED Downlights Lighting Your Home and Office

LED Downlights   Lighting Your Home and Office

For both home and office, people are looking to save money on electricity bills as energy costs continue to rise. Using LED downlights is one of the most efficient ways of lighting homes and offices, due to their low energy consumption and long life span.

The Advantages of LED Downlights

Although they cost more to purchase initially, LED downlights more than pay for themselves in the long run. Also known as LED spotlights, downlights using LED bulbs use far less wattage to power themselves but still manage to produce a far better quality light than halogen or CFL bulbs. Energy efficiency is the most important factor in choosing to install LED downlights in your home or office as they can provide you with energy savings of up to a phenomenal ninety percent over standard halogen bulbs.

In the Home

While many homeowners will spend an awfully long time deciding on just the right colour schemes to show their home off to its fullest potential, surprisingly hardly any time is spent on choosing the correct lighting. However, it is the lighting in a home, such as commercial LED downlights, which can really show everything off to its best advantage.

Good lighting can

  • Make your home look spacious
  • Cut down on headaches
  • Create various moods and an ambience of your choosing.

LED Downlights for the Home

LED downlights provide a far more focused light than other forms of standard lighting. This means that the light emitted is more equally distributed across the room, resulting in there being no dark corners or poorly lit spaces. This is a particular advantage if you have any rooms in your home with low ceilings or where space is at a premium. Focused lighting creates the illusion of extra space and will bring a cleaner, more homely look to the room.

Warm or Bright?

In the more functional rooms of the house, namely the kitchen and bathroom, bright light is important in order to be able to carry out any tasks such as cooking or washing. Bright LED downlights in these rooms are perfect for this and, in the instance of the kitchen, placing some of the downlights directly above any wall-mounted units will reflect light back up onto the white ceiling, creating an extra glow. Warm lighting is better for creating a cosy ambience in either bedrooms or living rooms, where comfort is the priority.

In the Office

Bright LED downlights are perfect for working spaces such as offices where clear lighting is essential in order to be able to work.

LED downlights in a working environment also provide

  • A far smaller energy consumption
  • A longer life span

Health and Safety

One of the biggest concerns around lighting in a working office area is how it affects the people working there. Poor or insufficient lighting can lead to eyesight problems, headaches and general feelings of nausea.

Hints and Tips for the Office

When it comes to a working office, it is often best to try to create as much natural light as possible. This can be done by keeping window areas as clear as possible from any obstructions and by careful installed lighting such as commercial LED downlights. These downlights can help to create the illusion of extra space and eliminate any dark corners, making the whole office seem less claustrophobic.

Not only do LED downlights provide a much stronger and brighter light than standard bulbs, they also use far less energy, making them the perfect choice for both home and office.

Author Bio: James Holden is the digital content manager of Visible Lighting and has many years’ experience in the LED Lighting industry. To find out more information on James Holden, you can follow him on Google Plus .

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