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5 amazing parenting tips for elementary school child


Time flies when you are having fun with your kids. You watch them take their first step, say their first word, go to preschool, and suddenly they are in elementary school.

For a kid, elementary school is a new phase where they get exposed to hardcore learning and homework. It is quite overwhelming for them, making them nervous and averse to the idea of going to school.

Thus, it is extremely important that parents support their children mentally and academically so that they excel in this phase. Let's look at some tips that can help parents prepare their kids and help them throughout their schooling.

Here are some parenting tips for elementary school age kids.

1. Teach your kids organizational skills

When you teach your child to be organized, it helps them to stay focused on school instead of getting distracted. Being organized will help them do their homework on time and keep things in order so that in the morning they are not running around looking for things.

You can get your kid's personal planner or calendar, or make them one using the free tool- Canva. It will help keep track of the things they have to do. Also, keep their homework and assignment tasks in a separate binder so it doesn't get mixed with other things.

Teaching your kids organizational skills will help them excel in school and beyond, and do things in a better way.

2. Attendance is important

Just because your kid is in nursery or first grade, doesn't mean you can make them skip it often. Only kids who are sick should stay home. Otherwise, kids need to go to school every day on time. It will make them learn the importance of consistency and being punctual. If you let your kids miss school often, he/she will be behind homework, and it will interfere with their learning. So, make sure that your kid doesn't miss school frequently and without reason.

Also, if they do get sick and don't go to school, talk to the teacher, and get all the assignments that they have to prepare on time. Moreover, if the child resists going to school without giving any straight answer, talk to the teacher, and find out if there is an issue with other students or something.

3. Talk about school

Make it a point to talk about school with your child after school. If they feel that you are interested in their school, it will make them take their school even more seriously. Talk about their day and what new they learned at school.

Ask about their teachers and friends and so on. Communicate with them about their school life and ask questions whose answers go beyond yes and no.

4. Attend orientations and conferences held for parents

Every school has orientations at the beginning of every session for parents that they should always attend. It will help you get familiar with the teachers and programs and learning schedule set for your child.

Also, attend the conferences and PTM set for you in between sessions. It will help you understand the growth of your child.

5. Don't forget breakfast

Breakfast is crucial for your child if you want them to pay attention in class. Don't send your kid empty stomach as it will make them dull, absent, and cranky. A kid who eats a nutritious breakfast will have more energy and will be ready to learn new things.

Initial schooling experience is important for a child to develop and grow. As a parent, your job is to support them and make them feel comfortable with going to school. 

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