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How to Give Your Living Room That Extra Cosy Feel


The kitchen might be the busiest room in the household, but the living room is the heart and soul of a home. This is the place where families come together to share and bond, a place where friends gather to make lifelong memories, and a place where you can enjoy some well-deserved alone time with a favourite book in one hand, and a refreshing drink in the other.

In essence, the living room needs to serve a multitude of purposes on a daily basis. However, one thing is always clear: the living room needs to feel cosy, inviting, and warm. With that in mind, here is how you can give this space its unique oasis-like ambiance.

Start with the colour scheme

There is no denying that you can't go wrong with a neutral foundation no matter the room, but there is also a need to make a case for the bolder hues as well. Deep, earthy colours and solid hues can all act as an excellent foundation, imbuing the walls with warmth and a distinct sense of intimacy.

If white and off-white hues are still dearer to your heart, then you can choose to introduce intimate tones with the accents and the furniture. Choose berry shades for the furnishings and deep wooden hues for the frames of the chairs and tables. Add striking accents in the form of pillows in contrasting hues to emphasize key areas – such as the couch.

Preserve the heat

It should go without saying, but if you want your living to emanate a cosy vibe, you need to adjust the temperature according to the season. Make sure the space is properly insulated in order to preserve heat during winter, and prevent excess heat from penetrating the interior during those sizzling summer months. This will allow you to create a comfortable environment people will want to be in.

Light the room in a soft glow

Light plays a vital role in creating a unique feeling, and a positive ambiance. With that in mind, assess the current lighting conditions coming from natural sunlight. Is the room properly lit during the day? Does the light travel evenly inside or is the glow impeding your vision and making you uncomfortable? Use curtains and venetian blinds to control the level of natural light.

Secondly, determine the current state of artificial lighting. During the evening the room should enjoy a soft, soothing glow, so opt for LED lights instead of incandescent lighting. Complement the overhead light with warm lighting coming from freestanding features, and the fireplace. 

Create a fireplace focal point

The focal point is the most important element in any room. In the kitchen, this would be the island, while the bedroom should be crowned with an inviting bed. In the living room, on the other hand, this should be the fireplace, as it gives the setting some much-needed warmth that will invite people to assemble around it.

That said, avoid traditional fireplaces as they are not only a hassle to maintain, but a drain on resources. Instead, you can consult this electric fireplace buying guide to find out more about its features, and how you can integrate it into the design of your living room. Use the features to optimize the look and feel of the fireplace and set the mood just right for every occasion.

Rearrange according to the season

Pillows and throws are excellent accent pieces that give every room that distinct feeling of warmth and cosiness, however you should use them according to the season. While they always look good, you can inadvertently send the wrong message if you keep them on your furniture in the summer, for example, as they will needlessly emanate excess warmth. Instead, be sure to scale down a bit according to the weather. As the current master's degree in product and interior design in Milan teaches, design is the art of commitment, adaptability and change.

Master the art of layering

If you want to take the design of the living to the next level, you can start introducing layers. This is delicate business, though, as you don't want to ruin the concept with mismatched patterns. Start with the floor and introduce a cosy area rug or a full Moroccan that will encompass the base of the seating area.

Next, move on the chairs and the sectional, and let warm sheepskin drape over the sides. You can also throw knitted blankets over the backrest to cosy-up the piece even more, preferably in a complementary, soft hue. Don't be afraid to mix and match textures, but keep the patterns complementary if you're going for a more up-scale look. If you like the maximalist approach, though, you can always layer vivid patterns on top of each other.

Don't forget about greenery

Lastly, complete the look with strategic greenery. You can help frame the design of the room by including a potted plant in an empty corner, or let it drape from a windowsill or even lie all across the top of the fireplace. You can use greenery to create a distinct oasis feel in the room and create a space of peace and serenity.

The living room is the focal point of a household, and therefore it should portray a certain look and feel, one imbued with warmth, positivity, and peace. You can use these decorating tips to bring a living room oasis to life and create a sacred space in your home every family member will love.

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