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The Rise of Barcelona as One of the Global Fashion Capitals

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Trends aren't the only powerful things that can shake the fashion world. Every now and then, a new and unexpected city emerges as a fashion melting pot. In the past decade, Barcelona became known globally for its vivid and unexplored fashion scene. Although this stunning city has been a major tourist attraction for decades, it only recently joined Paris, New York, and London as the fashion mecca. Here are some of the things that make Barcelona the place to be for fashion aficionados. 

Rich Historical Heritage

It wasn't until a few decades ago that Catalans started to develop a distinctive fashion style. Thanks to industrialization, the textile industry was particularly booming in Catalonia throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. In the mid-18th century, it rivaled England in textile manufacturing. Additionally, wherever you look, there are one of a kind buildings and art pieces inherent to this province. Antonio Gaudi, Salvador Dali, and Pablo Picasso, among others, have left an enormous mark on Catalonia's architecture, design and culture. They have, without a doubt, helped shape Catalan rich historical heritage as it is known today. Their huge impact can largely be noticed even in fashion trends coming out of Barcelona into the world.

Dressing Up for Every Occasion

While strolling around the city, one thing is fairly obvious. Most locals always look stylish no matter the occasion. They care about their appearances at all times. The majority of people like to change into something more comfortable when they come home from work. Also, they don't dress up for running to the nearest shop to buy some milk. While this applies to most cities and people, Barcelona is the most notable exception. The locals aren't lazy when it comes to dressing up fashionably for every occasion. According to them, there is no reason why anyone should dress down or look disheveled.

Top-Notch Fashion Education

Barcelona, as a designer mecca, has various universities offering first-class education in fashion management and design. Master's Degree in Fashion Management at IED Barcelona, for example, provides comprehensive and applied knowledge of business, marketing and fashion. During this course, students visit Milano and Paris on field trips for first-hand experience with professional environment and fashion markets. Also, they have the opportunity to apply and improve their newly learnt skills during three months long internship. Graduates of this program become professionals with analytical skills, extensive expertise, and valuable experience. They can either use their skills to contribute to fashion companies, or embark on a business venture by themselves.

Social Media Influencers

Barcelona rose to fame as one of the fashion capitals of the world only recently. Until a decade ago, no one had heard about its fashion scene and designers. With the emergence of influencers, this city has finally started receiving all the attention it deserves. Influencers use social media to introduce fashion trends from Barcelona and Spain in general. Similarly, through blogs, video podcasts, and more recently, Instagram, they interview Spanish designers on the rise. Also, they frequently recommend high-quality clothing items and discover new Spanish fashion trends. Thanks to their enormous influence, Spanish brands such as Zara, Mango, and Pull & Bear, now have a large customer base.

Captivating Fashion Scene

Needless to say, influencers surely have a huge impact on people's opinions and consumer habits. It seems that Barcelona with its fashion scene has cast a spell on everyone. The once famous textile industry has been going through rebirth these past decades. Chances are you have noticed people all around the world wearing clothes from many famous Spanish brands. Desigual, Stradivarius, and Oysho are some of the many popular brands that are taking the world by storm. Given their authentic designs and high quality, it's no wonder these brands are the first choice of many fashionistas across the world. Looking at the growing success of Spanish brands, great materials, and affordable prices are the winning combination for gaining customer confidence.

Fashion on TV

Catalans couldn't satisfy with a cosmopolitan fashion scene, so they took fashion to TV as well. By organizing TV fashion shows, they have managed to bring the fashion world closer to the viewers. The Brandery is one of those shows. Although it lasted shortly, talented designers from all around the world presented their designs to the Spanish audience. Another interesting show is the 080 Barcelona Fashion show. This major fashion project is still being broadcasted. Over the years, many famous designers, such as Manolo Blahnik, and brands, such as Antonio Miro and Custo Barcelona, have participated.

On the whole, Barcelona may not represent the origin of fashion, but it sure does represent its future. As a new designer mecca, its fashion scene successfully sets fashion trends recognized in the whole world. All is left to do is to enjoy many fashion brands and trends this stunning city brings. 

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