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Home decorating trends for the coming year

There is nothing like the warmer weather to inspire you to tackle those home improvements and give your rooms a fresh makeover. From the hottest colour trends to stylish furniture and funky accessories, it is easy to inject the wow factor into your home.

Whether you prefer a traditional look or are looking for something chic and contemporary, home decorating trends continue to cross all style boundaries in 2013.

If you have a flair for design and are willing to get stuck in with a paint brush, you can do the job yourself. However, if structural work is required, you may need to obtain quotes from one of the many architects and interior designers in London and other cities.

Latest colours

Emerald green is the most talked about colour of the year, Worn by trendsetters and adorning stylish homes across the country. If a bold colour statement is a step too far for your walls, there are plenty of accessories available in this vibrant shade.

Neutrals are also predicted to make a comeback this year. Although for most of us, they never left! This year grey is replacing magnolia as the neutral of choice. Sleek and cool, shimmering grey can offer the wow factor, but you'll need to warm up the space with splashes of colour.

Neon is another shade that has been taking the fashion shows by storm. Shades of citrus, turquoise and hot pink can brighten up the drabbest room. Again, you can opt for the subtle approach and seek out neon accessories, rather than shock with floor to ceiling lime green.

Furnishings and accessories

Shiny chrome and silver have definitely seen their day, as the trend towards warm metals continues. Fixtures and fittings come in various metallic finishes from bronze and copper to brass.

Animal and botanic prints continue to flourish. Although this year the birds may fly away to make way for winged creatures of a smaller kind! Expect to see insects creeping onto curtains, cushions and other soft furnishings. If the thought makes you shudder then ladybirds and butterflies could offer a friendly alternative.

The trend for bringing the outdoors inside is likely to remain. Wood and other sustainable materials such as glass will offer a rustic feel that should appeal to nature lovers and those with eco-homes. Look on the beach for unusual stones or pieces of driftwood to make your own unique designs.

3D movies continue to dominate the big screen and many interior designers are looking to re-create the same effect in the home. Textured wallpaper, artwork and 3D tiles are making an appearance in the most stylish of homes.

There is a wealth of ideas to transform your house into a home. Keeping an eye on the latest colour and home decorating trends could be the inspiration you need to leave your comfort zone and try a new look.

Whether you are a budding interior designer yourself or are seeking to employ a professional company for structural work and design ideas, there are dozens of architects and interior designers in London and across the country who could help you to achieve the home of your dreams.


Monica haubert is an interior designer who writes a regular blog on the subject. Visit the site to find more information .

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