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Gift Suggestions for Middle Aged Men


This year for christmas gifts for middle aged men let me prime you with this for the man that thinks he has everything!

Amazon Echo AKA Amazon Alexa

alexa play music

The amazon echo family of electronic gadgets rates top of many xmas lists for men (of many ages not JUst Middle age !) if you don't know what they are click the amazon link in the window and find out that the amazon echo is a voice recognition device that can DO things like set your heating in the home do a web search or play something from spofity ! Now that is revolutionary..

Check Prices On Amazon

If your man is middle aged chances are he has had his hands on one of these when he was younger and will have spent many a happy hour playing..The Recreated ZX Spectrum


Or how about a new cable! This cable will fast charge and auto shut off protecting the phone's battery. Always a great stocking filler and one that he will enjoy because it's a clever cable!

Check APPLE STYLE (lightning) cable price on Ali Express..

Gift shopping doesn't always have to be hard. Especially for someone like a middle-aged man. Think about it, in most cases, the older a man the is wider his range of experiences and that means the greater number of interests he's likely to have. The bigger problem may in fact be too many options and choices to consider! Either way we'' try to help. Here's our top gift suggestions for middle-aged men to help inspire a great choice.


Similar to the Apple Airpod these you can get these replicas which perform very well!


A better version with in ear sensor


* Niche Magazine Subscription

We've already established middle-aged men are inclined to have developed their own particular interests. What better way to celebrate your appreciation for his special likes than to get him a cool subscription that covers his own beloved niche? Everything from sports, to health and fitness, model planes, science fiction (and much more) have multiple magazines available. Just think he'll have a reminder of your appreciation in the mail every month as well! When you order a year (or longer) subscription the price is far reduced from the cover price, and even often comes with a gift, as well for two added bonuses!

* Prepaid Gift Cards

It doesn't get easier than this. Men too love gift card and for good reason. If you really can't decide makes this your go to option. Just pick one in the general area he'll appreciate (think home depot or Amazon) or even a Visa or Master Card gift card to really give him the power of choice. A simple $25 or $50 and your shopping is done!

* Sporting Goods

A good reminder that's he's as young as he wants to be, sporting goods have a almost universal appeal to middle-aged men. Just ask yourself what sports does he really enjoy? Golf? Tennis? How about the gym membership? If the details to the sport escape you, fall back on a gift card to a top sporting good store!

* Useful Things

Most middle-aged men (or make that most men in general) are lovers of the practical. Can he use a new day planner, or wrist watch? How about new productivity software? If it can help his day go more smoothly or his approach to life become more efficient it may be a great gift choice for that special man.

* New Age Gifts

Now we definitely have some great gift suggestions for middle-aged men who are into new age gifts! This is a growing area of interest so worth covering. How about a healing crystal or a deck of tasteful Tarot cards? Is he high stress? A book on how to meditate and do yoga along with a yoga mat is a great option. There's many wonderful CD's of New Age music that he could appreciate for years to come as well. This is truly only the tip of the New Age iceberg so start exploring!

As you can see from our gift suggestions for middle-aged men, when it's time for you to do some gift shopping it can be more of a fun adventure than a chore. Hope we did our part in providing some great ideas! Have fun and good luck.

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