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Getting the Right Shot: Why Choose a Professional for your Bournemouth Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is naturally a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and you want the best in everything from the food to the venue to the dress. If you want a great reminder of the happy event one thing you can’t cut comers on is the photographer. Hiring a professional photographer is the only way you can be sure you will get stunning shots in a variety of locations to expertly document the entire day. Here’s why a local Bournemouth professional is the best choice for your wedding.

Knows the Locations

A photographer from the local area knows exactly where to get the best shots. This is particularly important if you are having engagement shots taken - you may not know the best locations or the best times for a shoot, but a Bournemouth professional will. For example, shoot engagement pictures at Lulworth Cove or on the Bournemouth beaches at sunset. If you are having your wedding at a Bournemouth venue such as the Highcliff Marriott Hotel or the Green House, a local professional will have experience in weddings at these locations and will be able to show you which spots are best for specific shots.

Understands the Conditions

Many people can take a good shot with clear blue skies and sunshine but it takes a professional to get great results in less-than-perfect weather conditions. Unfortunately you can’t guarantee the sun will shine on your big day but you can guarantee that you’ll get good pictures even when it’s rainy or cloudy when you choose a professional photographer. A professional also takes better indoor shots without the glare of an amateur flash.


Gets the Action Shots

Posed shots are all very well but you also want some candid, unexpected moments to be captured on camera – these are the shots you’ll treasure and the ones that reveal the most about what happened on your special day. It takes skill to get photos of people acting naturally. You need to calculate the lighting as well as the pose, plus move unobtrusively among the guests to put them at their ease.

Boasts the Correct Equipment

You may have a decent camera but for professional-level shots you need a professional model. Photographers regularly update their equipment and have the best lenses and other accessories to capture the best shots. Unless you want to invest in a top-of-the-line camera, hiring a professional photographer is the only way to go. And don’t forget those horror stories where the amateur photographer forgot to bring extra batteries or accidently wiped the memory card after one-too-many glasses of champagne. With a professional wedding photographer you get backup and assurance that these accidents won’t happen on your wedding day.

Gives Great Post Production

The pictures are just the beginning. You want someone with the time and the skill to present your photographs to their best advantage so you and all your guests look their best. From digital touch-ups to fancy online albums, professional wedding photographers know how to present a final product so you can enjoy your photos for years to come.

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