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The best video you will watch today !

With an amazing backdrop that is dubai where they don't tend to skimp it looks like they have fashioned an amazing track for the pilots to race through with speeds of 60mph.



What is fpv 250 ? FPV stands for First Person View and in this case it is placing the pilots in a vitual cockpit of the drone. A small lightweight camera captures the feed separate to the radio control system on a different frequency. This feed is fed back to a head set with antena tuned to the video feed of the pilot.

Images courtesy of World Drone Prix Dubai 2016


It is as if the pilot is actually there albeit without the real time motion. This can present it's own issues for the pilots to contend with. The pilots usually sit all together during the race but to them they are  inside their drones ! How exciting this sport is.. 

The track can be just about anything you can imagine from derelict buildings to fields with trees or bushes for those limited. Those without limits build their own...


Of course you should look to find a local club and look at many great multi rotor websites and forums to start getting knowledgeable on the sport. There are many kinds of multi rotor flying including commercial applications like mapping and visual inspection. The software and application of it in the real world is accelerating beyond battery capability otherwise we could have real hoverboards back to the futre style !

More on this: World Drone Prix

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editor on Tuesday, 24 May 2016 04:30

Congratulations to 15 year old Luke Bannister from somerset on winning this inaugural event.

Congratulations to 15 year old Luke Bannister from somerset on winning this inaugural event.
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Friday, 12 August 2022

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