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Unique Jewellery Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

​Valentine's Day, the special day of love is just around the corner. If you are fortunate enough to have someone to celebrate this day with, then you must be worried about how to make it special for her. Well, no matter how well you spend the day together by watching movies or dining in a posh restaurant, a gift is always special, irrespective of i...
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Few Personalized Gift Ideas for The New Year!

The New Year is round the corner and we are all set for the party season! Aren't we? But this is also the perfect time to show some love to our near and dear ones in the form of gifts. There are many gift shops available and buying cards, cakes, showpieces are quite common. Why not do something different this time? Why not try and thin...
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A guide to choosing the right dressmakers dummy

dressmakers dummy

For businesses involved in dressmaking, couture or alterations, a good dressmaker's dummy is an essential piece of kit for designing, modelling, sizing and altering clothes. But with so many different types on the market, how do you choose the right one? Our handy guide will help.

Picking the right dummy

To pick the right dummy model for your business, it helps to know what your needs are. Those who sow for one customer, or a particular standard size, may be happy to use a standard dress form with a single set of sizes. Those who need to use a dressmaker's dummy for a range of clients will prefer to have an adjustable model, which allows adjustment for height as well as girth. Most good models will be adjustable for the dress form and have a minimum of eight sections.

Most professionals will also need an adjustable dressmakers dummy that is sturdy and easy to adjust. Twelve adjustable sections are the most common for those sewing exacting garments. A deluxe trouser form is also very useful for those making trousers.

Popular models

The K&L, available from Morplan, is the industry's best-selling standard model. Its dimensions are modelled on the female form, according to the UK's sizing definition and the dummy is made with a polyester body, reinforced with long lasting glass. The highest standards of production have been applied to ensure accuracy when pattern cutting and the dummy can be adjusted using the tubular steel base.

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Get Smart About Liposuction

pexels-anna-shvets-4483336 Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery

If you’re thinking about receiving cosmetic surgery, you’re not alone.  It is a booming industry and from the impact it’s made so far, it looks like this industry isn’t going anywhere!  People that have received plastic surgery, their reasons vary from person to person.  Some want to look a little younger, while others merely want their body to be proportioned.  However, if you’re considering Liposuction, rest assured that it is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the business. 

Many people – men and women – are turning towards this procedure to help them rid of undesirable fat.  Stubborn fat that they cannot seem to lose in a particular part of their body no matter what they try.  But is this surgery right for you?  You may have pondered on this question yourself and sometimes it’s hard to really know whether or not it is.  But the first step in answering the question is to know all the facts.

Basic Facts

  • Just like every surgery, there are risks.  However, so far, this surgery is safe
  • Extremely short recovery time
  • Produces immediate results
  • This type of plastic procedure is for people who have tried other ways to lose the extra fat

What It Isn’t

Many people get confused and think this surgery is for weight loss.  It’s a myth!  This surgery is NOT a weight loss procedure! What this specific type of procedure does is removes fat from areas of the body that are unpleasing to the general shape due to genetics, weight gain from medication and other factors.  If you’re looking for weight loss surgery, look into Gastric Bypass or Lap-Band.

Common Places of Interest

  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Outer Thighs
  • Inner Thighs
  • Hip Rolls

Pricing & Payment Methods

Sometimes it’s not the question of whether or not you want to go through with Liposuction that stops you from receiving it, it’s the cost.  Yes, the pricing can be steep and varies from location to location.  What is recommended is to do your homework on plastic surgeons and narrow them down to three.  Then schedule consultations with each one of them and compare the quotes each plastic surgeon gave you.

However, don’t base your decision solely on the cheapest price.  Keep in mind that old saying “You get what you pay for”.  You should base your decision on the plastic surgeon you felt the strongest rapport with.  Even if their price is the highest – in the end – it’ll be worth paying that extra two thousand dollars for peace of mind.  You never want to have surgery done by someone who you don’t have that connection with.

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Furnishing your outside space in a creative way

Outside space is an extension of the home, so the same decision-making process can be employed when it comes to selecting furniture and designing a great garden. No longer simply a green patch to be used occasionally, gardens can be developed creatively to make an impact all of their own.

When it comes to designing effective outside space, there are a number of factors that come into play, including space, budget and individual preference. By thinking about these factors from the outset, it's easier to focus on getting the end result perfect.


Outside structures.
From children's playhouses to orangeries and conservatories, there are a number of buildings that can all become a focal point and have an impact on outside space. Before purchasing a garden structure, first consider the area and make sure it fits comfortably. A greenhouse or conservatory can be a welcome addition but should not dominate the area.

If space is an issue, there are plenty of ways to be creative and many sheds and garden buildings are neat and modern, allowing for the best use of any garden. No longer just constructed from wood or glass, a range of materials can be found, including resin and acrylic. With so much choice, it's not difficult to find something that blends in or stands out, depending on preference and which will make the most of the space.

Patio furniture.
Garden furniture can be difficult, especially since the choice available is somewhat overwhelming. Added to that, tables and chairs need to not only be functional, but also fulfil a range of purposes, from al fresco dining to relaxing in the sun. As a major investment, garden furniture must be durable, fit for purpose and aesthetically pleasing. From sleek aluminium and glass to natural wicker and wood, there is something for every taste and budget, but it can take some deliberation to get it right.

Consider the overall effect you are hoping to achieve and decide what style of furniture will fit in best. A contemporary or oriental garden will require a modest, uncomplicated garden set, while a traditional English garden would suit something altogether different.

Gardens can be wild or manicured, but every garden can benefit from accessories. From flamboyant water features to ornate bird tables, each and every garden can find its way through creative accessorising. When opting for a piece that will take pride of place, look at any existing features and structures before choosing a complimentary item.

A modern trend is to compartmentalise gardens and in these cases, it's nice to choose something for each section. For example, an oriental area could include bamboo chimes, while in the same garden, a planted area could make room for attractive pots.

Whether you desire orangeries and conservatories, or a smart garden set, outside space is important and should be seen as a continuation of indoor living space. By looking at a garden critically, it's easier to design it appropriately with an injection of creativity to make the space come alive.

Alyson McGraw writes regularly on many different subjects, including decorating and design, for a range of home and garden websites and blogs. She is currently gaining inspiration for her garden from Breckenridge, who she writes for in this instance.

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Benefits Of Choosing A Good Quality Designer Handbag


A good quality designer bag is a great addition to any wardrobe and instantly adds a little class to your outfit. Although more expensive than normal high street bags, they have many advantages which justify the price.

The variety of bags out there is endless. Clutches, tote bags, oversized bags and over-the-shoulder bags all have their place in the fashion world and you can find them all on the high street. However, there is nothing quite like the quality of a luxury designer bag and, even if you only have one, there are many advantages to paying a little more for a fashionable bag.

They Make A Statement

Chances are no one in your circle will have the same handbag as you when you go for a designer brand. Although you may not devise your entire outfit from designer brands, a designer handbag will add an air of class and quality to your ensemble. Go for bold colours to draw attention to your bag and make it the focus of your outfit. You can even purchase a designer handbag to wear in the evenings if you want to add a glamorous touch to your outfit. You could have luxury bags for everyday use, one for the office and one for the evenings.

Designers Know Their Clientele

A designer handbag will cater to your specific taste and needs. You will probably find that you will have a few favourite designers and will stick to these as they suit your style best. Some designers stick to traditional styles in their handbags whereas some prefer to use more contemporary design methods so you can pick the one which suits you. They are always trying to increase sales so you will find that new styles will appear regularly giving you more choice when you browse their handbag collection. You will receive the best service in a designer handbag store as the designers know that you will be spending a lot so will want to ensure you receive the best and keep coming back.

High Quality

Designer handbags are made from the best genuine leather and are designed to last. However, it is possible to come across fakes so the best way to avoid purchasing a copy is to buy your bag straight from the manufacturer's store or online shop. Many designer bag manufacturers also have smaller outlets on sites such as Amazon and EBay which are often slightly cheaper than the high street store. You will be able to tell that the bag is fake as the materials will be of a lower quality than the real thing. Designer brands are often made from silks and soft leathers and the name of the brand will be somewhere on or inside the bag.

Designer handbags are ideal for those who want to have one quality bag which is durable as well as stylish. If you prefer high end fashion then you may even build up quite a collection. With designer bags you may have the option to specify the type of leather you want and you can choose from a variety of styles.

Emma Robertson writes regularly on fashion for a variety of fashion blogs and websites. Click here to browse the latest styles in luxury bags.

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