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Beauty Tips to Keep Heels Soft Supple and Beautiful

Beauty Tips to Keep Heels Soft Supple and Beautiful

Your Feet Need Proper Care

Use oil based moisturizing cream and massage, your feet twice a day using this. Drink ample amount of water and take a nutritious diet. This will ensure a soft skin of your heels. If they start turning dry and develop cracks then try these remedies.

  • Mix freshly squeezed lemon juice with rose water and castor oil. Apply this over the affected areas twice a day.

  • Soak your feet in moderately warm water for about ten minutes. Mix a tbsp of rock salt and juice of one freshly squeezed lemon.

  • Massage your feet with olive oil. This will ensure soft skin of your feet.

  • Mix equal quantity of coconut oil and castor oil. Add a pinch of pure turmeric powder and make a fine paste. Apply this paste all over your cracked heels.

  • Before you go to sleep apply the mixture of glycerin and rose water. Apply this mixture over cracked heels. This will help them heal faster.

  • Melt a small amount of paraffin wax and mix it with mustard oil to apply on the cracked heels. Rinse off your heels in an hour.

Other Foot Care Treatments

Rubbing the rind of lemon also heals the cracked heels but coconut oil is the best thing for your heels. You need a proper intake of Omega-3 fatty acids and a proper diet. Prevention is better than cure. So, wear socks when you go out in sun. Avoid going to the wet areas in bare feet. Comfortable footwear should be worn which is neither too tight nor too loose.

Always remember that like other parts of your body, your feet also needs a proper care. The best thing that you can do for the upkeep of your feet is to keep them covered. Soak your feet in the mixture of coconut oil, salt and mild cleanser that can lock the moisture. If despite cleaning them regularly and moisturizing them they are turning dry and scaly then your diet lacks omega 3 fatty acids and zinc. Incorporate a lot of fresh veggies, nuts and fish in your diet. Walking barefoot on green grass also helps. Try the above given beauty tips and keep your heels soft, supple and beautiful. 

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