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Art of Creating Flower Arrangements

Art of Creating Flower Arrangements

Creative artists and florists have embraced the art of deploying floral masterpieces that are crucial in creating an aspect of ambiance at any social gathering. An intriguing display of flower arrangements is actually a focal point for occasions such as birthday party, wedding, baby shower, business gathering or any other event. Additionally, floral arrangement is an art that can be applied in our homes and offices for decoration purposes. This type of art has been practiced for years and it is not limited to artist or professional florists. In fact, it is possible to learn its basics and begin practicing until you come up with your own creative floral arrangement designs.


While all this can be learned and practiced, it is extremely important to understand that there are basic floral arrangement principles that you should follow in order to come up with a magnificent flower arrangement. You may have tried it before but may be you did not come up with the desired centerpiece simply because you did not have the correct set of principles to guide you. Well, you are not alone; there are just so many people out there trying this every day. To set you apart from the rest, this article will guide you step by step to creating a desirable floral arrangement following the basic principles just like the professional florists do.

Flower arrangements basic principles


When it comes to the art of creating flower arrangements, you can make use of artificial flowers, fresh cut flowers or dried flowers. However, artificial flowers are recommended for beginners who want to learn and practice. Once you gain all the basic knowledge required, you can now start using fresh cut flowers in your future projects. You may buy flowers online and start your projects right away. So, what are the basic principles?


1. Design

If you want to accomplish a floral arrangement project that meets your personal expectations, design principle is definitely the key factor to consider. Following design principle, you can settle on a visualized plan that will solely be based on the typical floral arrangement shape and size. In order to come up with the right shape and size of your floral arrangement, factors such as the type of materials available, occasion and the location must be put into consideration.


2. Balance

Balance is a crucial principle that will actually determine your final result. If you want to attain the correct balance in your project, you have to highlight the materials to be used first. In additional to materials, color and the form of floral arrangement will play a huge role when it comes to gaining stability.


3. Scale

This is another principle that relies on the materials used. Scale is defined by the proportions of the variety of materials that are put together to come up with a particular floral arrangement style. This means that the arrangement will be at some point be emphasized by the size of the flower holder or container.


4. Rhythm

This principle must not be omitted. Rhythm involves playing with colors and different arrangement styles that will capture your audience. You can try as many different arrangement styles as you wish until you find the right rhythm for your project.


5. Harmony and unity

In order to create harmony and unity, you should take your time when selecting and using different types of flowers. The main aim of this principle is to come up with a floral arrangement using flowers that complement each other.


Following these principles, you can confidently buy flowers online and start the art of creating flower arrangements immediately.


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