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A Showdown of Cosmetic Procedures


From the ultimate beautification treatment, to the idea your whole face will be transformed in under an hour, the claims about cosmetic procedures are as numerous as the procedures themselves. Celebrities swear by them, they are mentioned in every magazine, and there's generally a whole array of strange sounding trends like "the vampire facial" that make us both fascinated and slightly creeped out. With so many confusing, hyped up treatments, how do you even know which one's right for you? Well, that's why we're here. If you want to know which of these are really worth your money and will make a significant difference, take a look at our suggestions and pick something to treat yourself! 

Yay - now you know why it's called a vampire facial! 

A video showing you all there is to know and all you need to know about a vampire facial! 


While this is a treatment that can work for any skin type, it's particularly good for those with dry, aging skin. Does your face look dull and flat and you want to bring it some youthful radiance? Well, mesotherapy can help. By injecting a special concoction of vitamins, amino acids, and medication into the surface layer of your skin (called the mesoderm), the aesthetician makes sure the active ingredients are delivered where they need to be. They can plump and hydrate your tired-looking skin, and they can even smooth out fine lines for a while. The best thing about this treatment is that it can be customized to target specific skin issues, and it'll make you look and feel like you've just spent a whole week in a luxurious spa. 

Fruit Acid Peels 

Acne? Come right this way, then! Adult acne are a pain to deal with, especially if you have the hormonal kind of cystic acne that centres mostly around your chin and jaw line and is influenced by your cycle. Fruit acids are a type of AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids), and your cosmetologist will use them in a chemical peel that will work by removing the outer layer of your skin (these are just dead cells) and targeting inflammations caused by acne. Since this is basically a type of a chemical scrub, it can also fade old scars and leave your skin looking incredibly smooth. Bear in mind that after this treatment, your skin might be red and tingly for a few hours, so make sure to protect it from the sun and nourish it with a good moisturizer.


Another great treatment that's pretty great for most skin types. If you have trouble with rough texture, then microdermabrasion is a good choice, because it will slough away dead skin cells and smooth your skin to give it a soft, lush appearance. These treatments are usually completed in around 30 minutes, and they can improve a multitude of skin problems: fine lines, excessive oiliness, clogged pores, hyperpigmentation, and even skin dullness. It's a safe procedure that really deserves the hype it gets, and if you want to pick only one thing from this list, then this is definitely a great choice.


Microdermabrasion Facial: What It Is, How It Works And What It Can Do

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Cryo Facial

Puffiness and dark circles plaguing you? This could be a good option for someone who's looking for a vibrant, wakeful appearance, especially because it reduces inflammation on your face, so it's beneficial for people suffering from acne or eczema. This fairly simple treatment requires the aesthetician to use a specialized cryo tool to disperse cold air across your face in circular motions, and it helps stimulate collagen production and soothes your face to give it a rested appearance. The treatment is actually very pleasant and painless, but we'd mostly recommend it to fair-skinned women, as it can sometimes cause discoloration on women of colour.

Botox Face Lift

The best option for ladies who don't enjoy their deep wrinkles, Botox is a great choice if you need a face lift and the results are actually very natural, if you find the right professional. Botox procedures can give your skin a plumper look and smooth out wrinkles, and even though it's temporary, the procedure can easily be repeated each year. Interestingly enough, Botox can also have some other benefits: it can help with excessive sweating, stop migraines, and even plump up your cleavage.  

Lip Fillers  

There are different kinds of lip fillers, and if you've always been insecure about the appearance of your thin lips, perhaps you can try out temporary fillers at first, to see how it works for you. If you want a more permanent solution, you can get implants, but we urge you to always do your research and really browse before and after pictures at the aesthetician's office to see whether you like their particular way of shaping lips.


Thin, sparse brows that you have to keep filling in each morning? Well, if you want to cut down on your makeup time and have a set of brows that frame your eyes well without fussing around, then microblading is a good option. This semi-permanent treatment is done with the help of a micro needle that draws on tiny eyebrow hairs and gives you a very natural look. It's very handy during the summer when you don't have any time for makeup and just want to leave the house with fabulous brows.

Take your pick here, because all of these treatments are a great way to improve the quality of your skin. Combine them with a consistent and well-developed skincare routine and enjoy rediscovering your beauty. 

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