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5 Ways to Spend Saturday Night With Your Friends


As people are social beings, they seek and enjoy the company of other people, especially friends. Due to many work or school obligations and super busy lifestyles, many people tend to neglect their friends. If you're one of those people – fear not – there are plenty of fun things to do with friends! Take the matter into your own hands and organise a fun and entertaining get-together this Saturday. I'm sure your friends will love the idea!

Classic night out

When you think about some classic ways to spend a Saturday night, a night out is definitely on the list. You can go all out, invite a few friends over earlier and let the party start even before you hit the clubs. You can have someone in charge of music and some good old hits, someone in charge of mixing a few alluring and refreshing cocktails and someone in charge of capturing these fun moments. You can even make it a two-day thing: Saturday night out and Sunday spa day. After the exhausting night out, what better way to detox and recharge than to spend a day at a spa centre getting massages, bathing and drinking detoxing beverages?

Going to the movies

Another thing that might be considered a classic: going to the movies. Nowadays, going to the movies to watch the standard 2D projections has become outdated. Why is that? Well, because of the advanced and accessible technology: we all have a big screen TV with the surround sound system, which makes the whole experience of watching a movie cinema-like. However, we cannot copy some of the new trends at our home. So, gather your friends and hit the town's best cinema to watch a 4DX projection of your favourite movie. With the smells in the air, the seats moving, water spraying and the 3D effect, you'll feel like you're in the movie yourself! Maybe this is one of the fun things to do with your best friends this weekend.

Costume party

Now, this is one of the so many, not so ordinary fun party ideas for hosting your friends. Everyone loves costume parties! So, why not organise a fun, unusual Saturday night with all your friends dressed in their favourite characters or things? To make it even more interesting, you can have a special theme like nature, comics, monsters, etc. or you can leave the costumes an open choice. Start sending those e-invites and think about a popular costume store you can go to find your perfect costume. Add some music, awesome cocktails, finger food and voila – your costume party is a total success! You can even give awards to the most interesting costumes.

Game night

One of the most fun, free ways to have a great time with friends is to organise a game night. You can decide on the theme together by voting or you can announce that this Saturday is monopoly night, twister night or Pictionary night. These games are a certain way to share some laughs and make it a night to remember. You can choose any kind of a game - a board game or a game with some physical movements such as limbo dance or musical chairs, a mime game such as charades, a card game such as poker and so on. There are so many options out there that not all the Saturdays in a year would be enough to try them all! If you or your friends have the equipment, you can also make it a Wii-night, it could be fun to compete in these modern-day games.

Potluck party

A potluck party is a less expensive alternative to going out. In this kind of parties, people make their own food and drinks and bring them to the party. They can show their cooking skills in this way or their skills of ordering a take out! This is an excellent way of hosting a variety of people on a budget. It also provides a vast array of all kinds of delicious food and is a great way to obtain some new recipes.

Depending on your age and the preferences of your friends, you can choose from a wide range of fun activities for a perfect Saturday night. It can be something quite formal, casual and relaxing, challenging – but what's most important – they are all sure to provide much-needed fun and friendly bonding. 

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