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5 Great Ways Wearing Contacts Can Upgrade Your Style


Ditching specs for contact lenses is one of the most life-changing upgrades for individuals with troubled sight. This transition opens so many doors and provides you with opportunities to experiment with your look more than before.

If you're a person who needs corrected vision and usually wears glasses, quitting wearing glasses full time and instead switching to contacts can be enough to make you look completely different. Since contact lenses are highly effective and nearly invisible, there are no good reasons for not embracing this heavenly-like solution which allows you to step up your style game unobtrusively. Below we listed some of the great ways your life and style can upgrade when wearing contacts!

1. Your eye makeup becomes visible


 If you've been an eyeglasses wearer for some time now, you're probably sick of persistently putting on makeup in vain. For a girl with vision problems, it takes ages to even apply your makeup, since you barely see your makeup brushes, let alone the crease of your eye. And once you do manage to get it done and place your spectacles back on your nose, those eyeliner wings you put so much effort into are hardly visible, long lashes smudged your mascara and you're always struggling with highlighter melting under the heavy frames. Wearing contacts finally provides you the ability to enjoy putting on and showing off your eye makeup artistry to the world!

2. Finally sunglasses without prescription 

​You've been craving those diva style oversized sunglasses from a local boutique downtown for a while now, but having to order new lenses to fill them is too much of a trouble. Well, with the freedom provided by transitioning to contacts, you'll have nothing stopping you from buying cute stylish sunglasses from your favorite stores. That trick with fancy sunglasses everyone is doing when not feeling themselves, or are too hungover to get their hair and makeup done, can be part of your lazy routine now as well! Run to the stores and take your sunglasses game to the next level!

3. Experiment with colored contacts 

​You feel the need to change your style frequently? What better way to spice it up than experimenting with color? Even though contact lenses are mostly worn out of necessity, why not add some fun to it as well? Browse quality contact lenses online and opt for colored ones to give you a brand new look. No matter if you want to go subtle or bold, you'll definitely attract attention and upgrade your style game. Additionally, there are various special-effect contact lenses – also known as costume contacts – that can complete your Halloween costume or make you look like a hot vampire from the Twilight saga.

4. You can rock that beach look 

​You've been working hard to get in shape and show off your beach body, but a sexy swimsuit, silky tan, wavy hair and salt on your skin do not work well with those smarty pants eyeglasses. Well, contacts do! What's more, you can actually swim, and dive, and play beach volleyball. You are finally free to indulge in all the beach activities (including killing the beach look of the season) that used to be torture with your eyeglasses on or a blurry sight.

5. Your pretty face is out there


Although eyeglasses don't necessarily make you look less attractive, they certainly are distracting and steal most of the spotlight. Taking them off and letting people enjoy the actual and uninterrupted shape and look of your face is itself enough for a dramatic style upgrade!

Say goodbye to foggy spectacles, and heavy frames leaving marks on your beautiful skin. Leaving eyeglasses behind and embracing the practicality and freedom of contact lenses will significantly change things for you, your day-to-day functioning, boost your confidence and allow you to play more with your fashion eye, makeup art and thus upgrade your style.

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Saturday, 17 April 2021

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