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5 Amazing Ways to Cosy Up Your Patio for Autumn Season

When the deciduous trees and bushes start to transition into the autumn and begin shedding their luscious coats and the first leaves start gracing the vivacious green surfaces, it's our natural reaction to make our homes cosier. Here is how you can spruce up your patio for this crisp season.

Use fall decor to infuse your patio with autumn vibes 

​When it comes to choosing a colour palette for your outdoor decor, draw some inspiration from nature itself. Cosy up your patio using the autumn hues – you could use pillows, blankets, and table cloths in more subdued, earthy tones such as old gold, russet, moss, ocher, tan, or chestnut marl, or you can go with something sleeker and rely on colours like violet-red, burlywood, eggplant, and rich purple to awe your guests and add an element of surprise to your outdoor decor. Other than the colour scheme, you can enrich your patio decor with seasonal fruits like pumpkins and apples and go with fall's gorgeous blooms like ornamental kale and purple fountain grass to inject a bit of seasonal festivity into your patio design.

Cover your patio to get around rain and wind

​Before you set up your patio decor and accessories with textiles, you want to make sure that your patio is covered so that the changing autumn weather doesn't hinder your efforts to make your outdoor space cosy. Depending on the budget, style, and personal preferences, you can go with a canvas cover for your patio or opt for a more durable version of a roof and choose wood to protect your patio from rain and snow. Also, consider adding a fence to your patio to create an enclosure to get around harsh weather conditions – whether you choose to go with vinyl or wooden fence, you will ensure your patio is weather-proof.

Make sure that everything is in tip-top shape 

​While cosying your patio up with seasonal decor is the most obvious ways to transition into the autumn, before you do that, make sure that your backyard is in mint condition. Fix everything that needs to be fixed, and tend to any issues with plumbing before the harsh winter strikes. The last thing you want is to have your family or friends gather at your patio only to find out that there are clogged drains – not only do they cause a foul smell and can be a real downer for any party host, but they can also cause problems inside the house. Contact your local experts for blocked drains to deal with this issue promptly and remove any culprits to ensure that everything is in tip-top shape for your autumn gatherings.

Light a fire pit to create a pleasant atmosphere 

​When you think of the word cosy, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the comfort and warmth that surround this crisp season of the year. An instant way to light up the atmosphere and create a cosy ambiance would be to light a fire pit or install one if you haven' t got it already. The warmth of the fire pit will make your patio the perfect gathering spot, while the dancing flames will help set the mood. Aside from being an excellent heat and light source, a firepit can be used for cooking BBQ, grilling veggies, or roasting delicious marshmallows – whether you decide to purchase one or build a fire pit on your own, it sure is a great, year-round backyard addition.

Illuminate your outdoor retreat with cosy lighting 

When the autumn sun goes down and the aromas of autumn infuse your patio, an instant way to make your backyard even cosier would be to install some lighting and help set the mood. String lights perfectly play into the festive season and can be used long after the last tree branch sheds its colourful leaves. Whether you're celebrating Halloween, New Year, or simply gathering for an outdoor party, the string lights are the perfect way to welcome your guests and add extra warmth and lighting. You could also add lanterns as well as scented candles to make your patio even more inviting.

As the days get shorter and Mother Nature spreads out her charming autumn carpet, our backyards ought to be changed with the season. Use these tips to spruce up your patio and enjoy the Nature's gentle whispers as it fades into the obscurity of winter, only to be reborn in springtime.

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