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Create an Inviting Outdoor Space Using These 6 Simple Tips

3867 Inviting outdoor space

Owning a house but disusing the backyard is the same as if you lived in an apartment building. People who own flats appreciate every square millimeter of outdoor space and they are doing their best to decorate it. House owners should try to beautify their yard, too. Regardless of what they intend to use them for, they can serve as playgrounds for your kids to run freely and goof around or you can convert the backyard into an oasis of serenity. However, creating an inviting outdoor space is no easy task so here are 6 simple tips to help you transform your house's outdoor space.

Cleaning the furniture

Outdoor furniture is no longer made from wood but from plastic, so it is will deteriorate over time at a much slower rate. However, PVC hammocks, bar stools, and swings still need to be cleaned from time to time. With every rainfall, they get soiled so you should go outside and wipe them with a wet cloth. This cleaning method should suffice in most cases but if the smudging is persistent, then use a homemade universal cleaner. This is usually made using baking soda and lemon that leaves behind a fresh scent on the furniture.

The power of cushions

In terms of aesthetics, the last place you would expect to find a cushion is in the garden. That is precisely why you should place cushions on garden hammocks, chairs, and benches. They will provide extra comfort but also make the whole area more stylish. Go for the contrast effect by placing cushions of a lighter color if your garden is dominated by sombre tones. For example, if your garden is reigned by verdant plants, opt for white cushions that will go great against the backdrop of brownish wooden benches.

Dining outside in style

If you want to truly revive the outdoor space of your house, then you need to start spending more time there. Of course, this is not possible during all seasons but during the summer months, there is no excuse not to at least dine outside. The entire cutlery you set on the table should actually be returned outside after cleaning because it will make the garden more homely. Since this is not the crockery you use every day, this is the perfect chance to show off the china set your grandmother left you that you thought you would never use. Remember, vintage is in nowadays.

Cleaning (like) a pro

Don't get us wrong, we do not doubt your ability to thoroughly clean the entire outdoor space but they are often too big for a Sunday cleaning spree. Furthermore, are you really ready to spend hours scrubbing the fence when you could be lounging in a lazy bag, resting from a tough week you've had? It is wiser to leave the scrubbing to professional cleaning services like Renew Outdoor Cleaning who have the gear and experience to get everything done in a matter of hours. Their fee is nothing compared to days and weeks it would have taken you to complete the same scale of cleaning.

Lights up

You are probably well aware that a parch light is not nearly enough to light up the yard after dark. You have probably experimented with lampposts that go in the ground but they cannot shine in every corner of the garden. Furthermore, they literally an open call for a home invasion if your house is the only one lit in the neighbourhood. Instead of dabbling with lampposts you light to put the lights up by stretching several cords cross the backyard. Light from above has a greater chance of properly lighting up the yard. If you decide to use multicolored LED lightbulbs, you will create the perfect atmosphere for an evening garden party.

A green wall with a mirror in the middle

You have probably seen green walls before in your friends' backyards. Creating one is much easier than you might think at first. All you require is a stable fence that is tall enough to support plants. Get some climbers, vines, and even ferns to decorate the wall. In order to make your green wall stand out, place a large vintage mirror in the dead center. Apart from the obvious value in terms of aesthetics, a green wall has a practical role when it comes to stopping dust and noise from disrupting the peace and quiet of the garden.

The 6 tips listed here are a great starting point for giving your home's outdoor space a makeover. Once you start enjoying the tranquility of your newly cleaned and sanitized backyard, you will realize what you have been missing out on the previous years. 

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