3 of the best tablets for kids and toddlers for Christmas

3 of the best tablets for kids and toddlers for Christmas


The Leap Pad 2 and Leap Pad Ultra


The Leap Pad Ultra [review] It's around 129 pounds exclusive to John Lewis in the UK however we saw Argos also advertising it for much less we think they may be confusing the models so check ! Of note the Ultra has the following feature set: Strong enough for a toddler. 11 apps out of the box with access to 500 more online to buy. Child friendly controls (our 2 year old has some grasp of an iphone but lets face it you want something a little easier) Headphones Up to 9 hours battery life. 7 inch screen with a good 1024x600 resolution Safe ring fenced internet and chat apps that are limited to set dialogues to choose from.

To consider : The leap pad 2 is like a mini version of this without the wifi, not as great at touch sensitivity but still a great tablet for your toddler. Maybe this represents better value.

Bad Points: It looks like a kids toy (toddlers want the adult looking stuff don’t they) I think its design is actually spot on and not too toy like. But just 2 colours to choose from. Misuse of transformer can cause shock!

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Baby K Product Range by Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass has created quite a brand for her baby and toddlers range of products. You can find them at most outlets like mothercare or john Lewis and online.

Have a sit back and watch what Myleene herself has to say 

We review the baby k changing bag here.

Swinging round Mothercare last week I got a few shots of some summer dresses and swim wear for toddlers, lets share them if I can locate on my hard drive...

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