The IPL 2013 final match

The IPL 2013 final match

The final match in the IPL 2013 was played on May 26, 2013 at Eden Gardens, Kolkata, between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. Chennai Super Kings were beaten by Mumbai Indians by 23 runs.

For the first time, Mumbai Indians have been crowned champions of the League. CSK have won the League twice. CSK had to chase a target of 149 runs, and were floored by Johnson and Malinga who claimed two wickets and ripped through the top batting order. After Malinga’s strike, CSK couldn’t recover after the dismissal of Raina and Hussey. Except for AlbieMorkel, Bravo and Viay who scored 10, 15, and 18 runs respectively, the wickets tumbled at regular intervals. Only Dhoni finished when the score was at 125 defiant runs with 9 wickets down. Dhoni tried a lot to keep the faint hopes of the team alive by fighting with an unbeaten knock of 63 runs from 45 balls, in which he hit three boundaries and five sixes. Dhoni, the CSK skipper states that many of the batsmen did not play too good shots except for Raina and Hussey due to which the team faced a setback. For Mumbai Indians, the win was a kind of sweet revenge, taken for losing against Chennai in the year 2010. Rohit Sharma, captain of the Mumbai Indians team stated that being the captain for MI was a great learning experience and also a challenging one. During this League, the team was determined to play their very best and win the IPL.

In the League, the bowler who takes the maximum number of wickets is awarded the purple cap. While this bowler is on the field itself during the tournament, he gets the honor of wearing this cap. It was Bravo who was successful in ripping through the remaining batting order of CSK. He claimed 4 wickets by giving away 42 runs and became the Purple Cap holder with 31 wickets in total during the IPL 2013. Mike Hussey, the 38 year old Australian cricketer was presented with the Orange Cap for getting 733 runs under his belt this IPL. He said that he would have readily exchanged his Orange Cap for the trophy, but getting it was quite an honor for him.Award for the best young player of the IPL went to Sanju Samson of the Rajasthan Royals team. Samson said he felt extremely lucky to be part of the Rajasthan Royals team. The Fairplay award went to CSK while Shane Watson won the MVP award. For Sachin Tendulkar the batting legend from India, this IPL 2013 crown is another feather addition in his cap. He confirmed that this IPL tournament was his last.

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Sahara Will Not Renew Its Partnership With BCCI

Sahara Will Not Renew Its Partnership With BCCI

Sahara Pune Warriors has made a decision to pull out of IPL and discontinue renewal of BCCI sponsorship. For the current year, Sahara Pune Warriors has not paid the franchisee fee in full. Due to this, the bank guarantee has been encashed by BCCI. Pune Warriors India was owned by Sahara India Parivar. Their sponsorship of the Indian cricket team will not be renewed now as per announcements made. In December 2013 the present contract is expected to expire. The BCCI did not agree to bring down the fee, after a demand was made by the firm based in Lucknow.

The full franchisee fee of the Pune Warriors team was not paid by Sahara resulting in the BCCI encashment of the bank guarantee. A representative of Sahara has stated that the decision of Sahara to withdraw from the IPL is a final and firm one. The plug has been pulled by Sahara the second time actually. Due to the same kind of reasons, they pulled the plug in 2012, however they put in efforts to have their differences with BCCI bridged thus returning to the fold. For ten years, a franchise was brought by Sahara for Rs.1702 crores in the year 2011. Even if the whole fee is waived, Sahara states, that it will not return back to the IPL. The group has also stated that there was a lot of temptation for withdrawing from the sponsorship of the Indian cricket team. However, in the interest of the Indian cricket players, it refrained to do so. Out of the sixteen matches played, Pune Warriors have won four matches. In this IPL – 6th season, the team has finished at the eighth position out of nine.

Rajiv Shukla, Vice President of BCCI was approached by the owners of Sahara Pune Warriors. If there is no reduction in the installment fee and if the board tries to get the bank guarantees encashed, then Sahara would pull out of the tournament, the Pune Warrior owners stated. Efforts were put in by BCCI to convince the franchise a resolution to the issue would be found amicably. It also seems that the BCCI wants the whole issue to be postponed till the end of the league only, Sahara sources say. Sahara had made a request to the BCCI that the bank guarantees should not be touched. In April it was clearly stated that they would be pulling out of the cricket tournament. They did not want to cause any jeopardy and hence decided to wait till they would complete their share of matches, a source from Sahara informs. Efforts were made to talk to the BCCI however, the bank was also threatened with dire legal action if there was no release of bank guarantees. For quite a long time, Sahara had stood by BCCI and when no one had come forward, they have given money, states a source. Sahara is just not able to believe the fact that just for a few crores, the BCCI could do this to them.

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