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Gautam Gambhir Says That His Team Still Has A Fair Chance At The IPL 2013

Gautam Gambhir Says That His Team Still Has A Fair Chance At The IPL 2013


Gautam Gambhir’s KKR team has already lost thirteen matches and is almost out of the play offs. However, the skipper continues to be very optimistic about having a fair chance, this IPL season. He feels that the team can make the cut definitely in the ongoing games. He feels that the competition is still open at the moment. For KKR, the most important thing that matters is the three games that remain to be played. On Sunday the cricket match with RCB has to be a must-win, Gautam Gambhir, has stated to reporters. He hopes that his team tries its level best and delivers what it should.


Virat Kohli, the 24 years old RCB captain, who at various occasions like the rest of the cricketers likes to flaunt Oakley, Nike, Addidas and other branded sunglasses criticized the crowds at Wankhede Stadium for jeering him in a recent cricket match against Mumbai Indians. The visitors had requested for a decision by the third empire on an incident of a controversial run out and this request turned out in their favor. The agitated crowd booed the 24 year old Kohli and called him a ‘cheat’. He faced the ire of the crowd when he came for his batting and also during the presentation post-match.

The RCB team led by Virat Kohli has been faring well against the Delhi Daredevils. When Gambhir was asked about the kind of strategy he will be applying to counter AB de Villiers, Kohli and Chris Gayle, and the likes, he stated that his team does not strategize against any particular cricketer. He also said that his team does not discuss individuals and their main aim is to determine what can be done best to win, and keep sticking to their strength. To counter the strong cricket team RCB, the captain of the KKR team has also pinned hopes on the player Sunil Narine.

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