Why is Diamond her best friend?

“Diamonds are women’s best friend” – this quote is often used but, what we wonder is why? We feel that all women on earth, love diamonds as much as they love themselves. Well, the brilliance of the diamond that flatters her looks seems to add grace to her beauty every time she puts a diamond in her attire. Gifting a diamond to a woman is always a brilliant idea, she could be your sister, mother or wife, but a diamond would always add that extra little spark to their beauty.

The current trend that has been set is to gift online diamond jewelry for the women of men’s lives. But, what does the diamond or the gifting of diamond signifies? Diamond is an everlasting gem, hardest and with an immense brilliance of it. Gifting of the diamond during weddings or any occasions signifies the everlasting bond that they two share or want to form.

A diamond manifests the idea of “forever” in the context of relationship. The luminosity of online diamond jewelry symbolizes the spark or the charm that a relationship is going to uphold throughout the life. Diamond jewelry is next to elegance and gracefulness. It not only makes a woman look gorgeous, but also adds that “delicate effect” to the aura of her personality. Diamond jewelries are suitable for everyone, you can either choose a heavy necklace or a small pendent embedded in a golden plate, you can go for hoofs or danglers made up of diamonds or simple studs, a diamond is a diamond and in whatever form you want it to be, it will only sparkle and sparkle.

Diamond is like an element which symbolizes an everlasting bond between the two people. Each quality of this gem is implied to the quality of a relationship. The online diamond jewelry is not only a denotation of elegance, but also a status symbol. Diamond is one of the costly elements in the world and that is the reason why, diamond is tends to be a status symbol also.

It is more like, “if you have a diamond, you have a diamond!” women with diamond jewelries love to showcase this expensively luxurious gem to the world. Therefore in order to impress your women, gift her online diamond jewelry.

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Silver jewelry: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The first silver jewelry was made about 6,000 years ago. Despite the long history, silver is not losing, but on the contrary, strengthens their position. Cutlery, smoking, bar and stationery, home furnishings, jewelry and other jewelry made of silver are in great demand all over the world.

Royal Gift

Silver - a precious metal in jewelry, it is traditionally made ​​way for the gold, but it was not always. Until the middle of the II millennium BC Silver was little and it was valued more than gold. So wear silver jewelry could only members of the ruling dynasties and priestly clans. Most of these were buttons, buckles, beads, and hand and leg bracelets, silver name necklaces. With the IV millennium BC jewelry made ​​of silver steel inlaid with precious and semiprecious stones.

Until the middle of the XVI century silverware were also very expensive and used primarily in the royal and temple decoration, and for coinage. In Italy during the late Renaissance manufacture decorated with precious stones and colored enamel pendants and other jewelry made of silver reached the heights of art.

The golden age was in the silver business XVIII-XIX century and is associated primarily with the name of Carl Faberge. With six hundred artists he produced for the Imperial Court of silver jewelry and gold jewelry, frames, sets, objects of worship and life. Borrowed from Byzantine filigree technique (scan), when silver is "pulled" into thin strands twisted and evolved into an intricate pattern, while was perfected. Masters made ​​silver jewelry were like with finest.

In the 1930, industrialization in America, having begun to use techniques of mass production, made of silver jewelry available middle class. Today, silver is considered to be the most democratic precious metal.

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