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Extreme Eyelash Extensions

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. The beauty industry has come up with ways to accessorize these 'windows' in order to make them more attractive to the viewer. There are plenty of things that women can do to make the appearance of their eyes more attractive. Some of these include the smoky eye effect, tweezing or waxing of the eyebrow, tattooing of the eyebrows, applying mascara on the eyelashes and so on. The choices are endless as long as women are willing to be creative and take risks.

Eyelash tinting is a wonderful way of coloring lighter colored lashes darker. This procedure usually takes slightly under an hour and its effects can last for up to a month and a half if properly done. Unfortunately, though, this procedure does not add thickness to the lashes something that most women will not be happy with. Tinting the eyelashes also does not add to the length.

It is also important to note that tinting the eyelashes need not be restricted to darker colors. Depending on your personality, you can dye your lashes any color you want. The reason as to why most women like this procedure is that it eliminates the need to apply mascara. Many women opt for tinting of the eyelash because they do not like the idea of mascara running down their face.

Tinting of the eyelashes takes a short time to do because it is a non-surgical procedure. Because it makes use of vegetable dye, it is quite safe and painless. It is however important for you to get the advice of a skin specialist if you have sensitive skin in order to avoid allergic reactions.

For women who are not satisfied with color of their eyelashes after tinting, then it is quite possible for them to opt for additional help. This help comes in form of extreme eyelash extensions, which are popular for those who are going for length and thickness. 

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Hollywood Hair Colour Splash

Summer bring about pops of colour. This has never been more true. Hollywood is experiencing an insurgence of colour. This has transcended from clothing and accessories to tresses of celebrities. Bold hues of reds, blues and even pink and purples have now taken over. No longer is blonde or brunette the acceptable norm, celebrity hair has taken on a life all its own. One star who has transformed before our very eyes is non other than Nicki Minaj. Her locks are filled with personality and exude the brightest colours a bottle of die or wig has to offer. Minaj has gone from black, to blue, to pink, to platinum blonde, to red, to green and even animal print. She shows the world that your hair can match any outfit, or mood. The bold colours are just the start. Nicki Minaj hair texture evolves with the change of hue. Poofy pink afros quickly become curly blue waves. 

Hollywood Colorwheel by sugarnstyle-visuals featuring eye makeup 

Not to be out done is the lovely Katy Perry. Her lovely locks have seen pinkish purple and most recently a bright blue. Some women cut their hair after a breakup, its fair to assume that color gives the same liberation. Not to say that Perry’s hair is a result of her recent split from hubby Russell. Katy Perry has never been cookie cutter, and her hair colour follows suit.

Rihanna is the epitomie of celebrity love for coloured hair. The bajan native came unto the music scene rocking long loose brown curls. Over the years her hair has transistioned with her music. Brown is so three albums ago. Riri went through the rocker chick jet black, bright fiery red and now rocks a washed out blonde with black roots.

Its apparent bold hair colour is the new form of expression. Celebrity hair colour exudes their own unique personality and style. No need for a tatoo to stand out, a good bottle of hair dye or funky wig will do the trick.

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