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Fresh Cuts - Super Modern Hair for Spring

So whats going to be hot this year for your hair style ?

Hair trends in 2014 include gorgeous short hair cuts. The most talked about haircut in the recent past is Miley Cyrus’ asymmetric pixie. She has worn it parted to the side, in a quaff, slicked back, wavy, spiky and even messy. The short hair cut is versatile and there are thousands of examples of great ‘do’s’ for spring which makes it hard to choose but let’s look at some great hair styles for spring 2014. Yen hair let us know what they though would be some big cuts for spring 2014 lets see just how fresh you can look.

The pixie cut

Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Natalie Portman Victoria Beckham and Ann Hathaway are all known for their super sexy short haircuts. Not forgetting Pink, short is in. Short hair makes you look younger, is versatile and super easy to take care of.

Wavy hairstyles

Wavy hairstyles make you look attractive and feminine. Hair trends in 2014 call for natural waves with a messy touch. Create defined waves with a vintage feel for a casual look while people with sleek hair can achieve that messy look with a curling iron and some texturizer. Tousle the curls with your fingers to achieve a natural look.  A centre part will give you an ethereal look.

Layered Hairstyles

There are infinite options when it comes to layered hairstyles. Layers can be added to long, short or medium hairstyles. The biggest advantage of layering is that it creates volume. Soft layers create a voluminous look for thin hair while choppy layers are great for heavy thick hair. A round brush makes styling layered hair easy. Bangs give layered hair more styling options.

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Best Show Stopping Celebrity Hair styles

Celebrities are often the people who bring new style to the forefront. Sure, the looks might be around well before they rock the new dos, but until someone from the silver screen shakes up the red carpet with the new look, many people just are not able to see the look until then. That is why, when a celebrity steps out of their car and into the spotlight, often times all eyes are on their hair style and clothing. For anyone who is looking for a new look, these are some of the best out there, and no matter what your hair type is or what look you are going for, you are going to find exactly the perfect style for your own creative look. Long Bob For the long bob look, check out Reese Witherspoon. The long-bob is actually a middle length cut. She features a cut style that is straight at the back, but when worn curly, it adds exceptional volume. She doesn't have any bangs with a side part, but the combination of curls and product give her a show stopping look. Plus, curls mixed with highlights and low lights make it even that much more dramatic.Bangs Bangs are all the rage right now, and while you don't want to go with the 80s bangs that used half a can of hairspray to keep it in place, you can still rock the look without feeling like you have a crisp wall defending your forehead. Katy Perry has always had fun with her look, and while she isn't wearing blue hair now, she is showing off her bangs. Katy Perry is currently showing off a textured bob cut, with her hair tapering off right below the jaw line and her bangs and there, right above the eyebrows. This is an excellent way to elongate the neck and to both draw the attention to the eyes, as the hair essentially centers the look around the eyes. Deeper Shade A deeper shade hair color is becoming ever more popular. About a decade ago everyone wanted to be blonde and showed off platinum looks, regardless of their original hair color. However, while natural blonde is always in, the fake blonde is starting to go the way of the dodo. Instead, a darker, deep brown shade is actually in, as it looks more exotic. People want to look like they have been to and are from a far away location, and one of the best ways to do this is through their hair. Megan Fox, while she hasn't appeared in a movie in over a year, does this best. Her very long hair, cut around the middle of her back, doesn't feature many curls or have any bangs, although it is layered beautifully in order to give it some volume. Her hair is also slightly darker than what it naturally looks like, in order to aid her exotic look. While longer hair does require more maintenance in order to keep it smooth and healthy, it is worth the effort.

Author Bio: Joana Hall is an avid writer who likes to write blogs on Lifestyle. She has written many articles on best celebrity hair styles. In this article she is providing the readers some valuable information on Best Show Stopping Celebrity Hair styles.

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Stylists for the Stars in L.A.

Do you want to Experience the Best Beauty Centers in America! L.A. is a city full of the best stylists, spas, and makeup centers in the country. However, that cannot be a surprise because the city caters to the stars of Hollywood. If you want to be successful in L.A., then you need to offer your clients exceptional service. Guests should be treated to red carpet glamor the minute they step into the salon. Luckily, this treatment is given to everyone and not just celebrities if you know where to go. The best salons are those that offer their coloring, cuts, manicures, and massages to everyone. A snobby salon has no place in L.A. if they want to be recommended to the best. Find a Salon in L.A. that Appreciates You! If you are looking for a great salon, then there are several things you need to look out for when in L.A. The first is to make sure that they accept walk ins or last minute appointments. You do not want to be put on a list that requires a month long wait. Your perfect salon will take you for a quick lunchtime blowout or a trim yesterday. A salon that will not fit you in because you are not on the A list is not worth your time. You need to find a salon that will become a place for your to relax and rewind happily while getting your beauty treatments done. Any salon should be happy for your business, and the right one will make you feel like royalty. Convenient is Key: From the Treatments to the Location The next step in finding the right salon is choosing one with a variety of different services. Some people can get pretty crazy with their hair maintenance. For example, they might only head to the best colorist at one salon only to choose another for their cuts. You do not want to be traveling all over the city with half of your hair done. A great salon will be able to offer you everything you need at an affordable price in one location. That said, the salon should be convenient for you to access. It should be close to work or your home if you want convenience. This means you can pop in before work for a quick shampoo or walk into the salon for an manicure after a hectic day. You want your salon to be easy to access with more than just hair services. A manicurist and an eyebrow waxer are also great pluses as they will make the salon even more convenient and desirable. As you can see, there are plenty reasons why you should a great salon in L.A. for its convenience as it can make or break your experience. You also want them to be happy to serve you. Client satisfaction is surprisingly not very high on some salon's lists. You will need to search before you find one that is the perfect fit for you!

Author Bio: Daniel Brown is an avid writer who likes to write blogs on Lifestyle. He has written many articles on hair salons in los angeles. In this article he is providing the readers some valuable information on Do you want to Experience the Best Beauty Centers in America.

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Hollywood Hair Colour Splash

Summer bring about pops of colour. This has never been more true. Hollywood is experiencing an insurgence of colour. This has transcended from clothing and accessories to tresses of celebrities. Bold hues of reds, blues and even pink and purples have now taken over. No longer is blonde or brunette the acceptable norm, celebrity hair has taken on a life all its own. One star who has transformed before our very eyes is non other than Nicki Minaj. Her locks are filled with personality and exude the brightest colours a bottle of die or wig has to offer. Minaj has gone from black, to blue, to pink, to platinum blonde, to red, to green and even animal print. She shows the world that your hair can match any outfit, or mood. The bold colours are just the start. Nicki Minaj hair texture evolves with the change of hue. Poofy pink afros quickly become curly blue waves. 

Hollywood Colorwheel by sugarnstyle-visuals featuring eye makeup 

Not to be out done is the lovely Katy Perry. Her lovely locks have seen pinkish purple and most recently a bright blue. Some women cut their hair after a breakup, its fair to assume that color gives the same liberation. Not to say that Perry’s hair is a result of her recent split from hubby Russell. Katy Perry has never been cookie cutter, and her hair colour follows suit.

Rihanna is the epitomie of celebrity love for coloured hair. The bajan native came unto the music scene rocking long loose brown curls. Over the years her hair has transistioned with her music. Brown is so three albums ago. Riri went through the rocker chick jet black, bright fiery red and now rocks a washed out blonde with black roots.

Its apparent bold hair colour is the new form of expression. Celebrity hair colour exudes their own unique personality and style. No need for a tatoo to stand out, a good bottle of hair dye or funky wig will do the trick.

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