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5 Beach-Friendly Outfits for Summer

With the summer heat, you’re likely to hit the beach more often. Just as you can look stylish and chic at lunch, evening parties and clubs, you can look fabulous at the beach as well.

If you’re a frequent visitor to the beach, a single bikini can become repetitive and easily hamper your personal style statement. Here are some unique outfit ideas that will make you look glamorous even in the sand:

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A New Season of Designer Bags Spring Summer Autumn and Winter

Spring Summer Autumn and Winter, any season is a great excuse to look at your favourite brands bags as each demends a different kind.

What are some of the best new designer bags available? Leading designers like Marc Jacobs and Diane von Furstenberg are present as usual, while there are some excellent new bags from brand such as Celine, Valentino, and Chloe to consider; some of the best new designer bags include clutches, totes, and some more unusual creations, such as Stella McCartney’s gem-embellished clutch. It’s worth looking at these designer bags, and more, in some extended detail below.

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