A New Season of Designer Bags - Spring and Summer 2013

What are some of the best new designer bags available for Spring and Summer 2013? Leading designers like Marc Jacobs and Diane von Furstenberg are present as usual, while there are some excellent new bags from brand such as Celine, Valentino, and Chloe to consider; some of the best new designer bags include clutches, totes, and some more unusual creations, such as Stella McCartney’s gem-embellished clutch. It’s worth looking at these designer bags, and more, in some extended detail below: Celine

The red leather clutch bags from Celine have been a favourite amongst buyers over the past few years, and draw their appeal from their simple lines and practicality; the sleek lines and size of the most recent Celine bag means that it’s ideal for accessorising and matching up to outfits, and represents a bold statement in its own right. Valentino

Another brand associated with statement handbags, the most notable addition to Valentino’s bags this year will be a highly structured bag with transparent PVC and studded leather; with a small lock and an adjustable metal chain, Valentino’s small bags come highly recommended. Marc Jacobs

A red bag that maintains Jacobs’ reputation for always being on trend, the Marc by Marc series bags tend to go for larger shoulder carrying series, and follow on from the popularity of Jacobs’ ‘Antonia’ bowling bags; look out for red and black additions to the Jacobs series. Michael Kors

The new bags from Kors place an emphasis on totes and classic black bags, which make them ideal for travelling in luxury; brown leather totes also make up a key part of Kors’ brand appeal. Diane Von Furstenberg

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