Reasons why you can take up dance whatever your age

It is every little girls childhood dream at some point to grow up become a ballerina. As we get older, these dreams get put to the side as real life takes over. It may be a scary thought to begin dancing as an adult. You probably don’t want to join a class full of younger and more experienced people for fear of being no good and embarrassing yourself, not to mention squeezing into a leotard and a tutu. However, these fears should be thrown out of the window. There are many local adult dance classes Surreyhas to offer who will welcome you with open arms. Not only will you thoroughly enjoy yourself but it is a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy. Here we look at the benefits of taking up dance and why you are never too old to start!

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Parts of Belly Dance Costumes

Parts of Belly Dance Costumes

Belly dance is an art form which has a cultural history. However, nobody can assure one hundred percent where the origin of this dance. Some of the countries which claim as a place where this dance is created are Rome, Egypt, and Greece. The possibility is that each of them has its own belly dance. The characteristic of the dance might be similar to each other such as costumes. This is a traditional folk dance in which the dancers have to wear a two-piece costume. The clothes are only a skirt and a bra top. The dancers leave belly, arms, and the legs bare.

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Egypt becomes a country which has a high possibility to be said as the original place in which the belly dance is created. For Egyptian, belly dance costumes are called "bedleh". It is Arabic language. Besides wearing a two-piece costume, the belly dancers wear jewelry as well. Sometimes, they wear two scarves in which coins are attached. These two scarves are separated. One of them is triangular. Meanwhile, the other is rectangular. Nevertheless, it is not as easy as what people imagine in term of choosing the costumes for belly dance. The dancers have to be dance properly using the belly dance costume. On the other hand, their costume should reveal the exoticism of dancers.

The skirt is one of the parts of the belly dance costume. In choosing the skirt, the dancers have to understand types of skirt. There are various types of skirt for belly dance. It could be a full-circle one or a straight-line skirt. The most important thing is that the skirt has to be long enough. The skirt has to touch the dancers' ankles. In addition, the dancers have a room which they can move comfortably. Besides, the type of skirt has to be matched with the type of belly dance. For professional belly dancers, they will choose costume with complicated ornaments. For beginners, it is wise to wear a skirt in several colors. Actually, the costumes for belly dance should be able to reveal the feminine side of dancer.

Another part of belly dance costumes is a shirt. Typically, the shirt for belly dance is extremely small. It shows off the dancers' breasts, the belly and the upper chest. Finding great shirt for bally dance is quite difficult. The dancers have to consider the color of the costumes. The color should match with the skirt in texture and tone. For instance, it doesn't look good when the dancers wear a velvet choli combined with a cotton skirt. Therefore, the color of the shirt has to fit with the tone or texture of the skirt.

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