Keep your Children entertained during the Holidays

With half term and summer holidays cropping up here, there and everywhere, it can be difficult to keep your children entertained. There are many different ways you can keep your kids amused during the holidays when you are short on cash. Whether you purchase a chunky colouring book from the pound shop along with some crayons or give them some crafty bits such as cardboard and let them run wild with their imaginations, there’s always something you can please them with when you have run out of places to take them. One of the most exciting aspects that I remember from being a child is cooking and baking with my mother. We use to make a great range of delicious foods including pies, pizzas and sugary snacks. Of course, being a child I use to love baking cakes, biscuits and trifles.



Cooking with your child is a great experience for both yourself and your children. Not only will it help to keep them entertained during the long school holidays, it will also enable you to teach them the fundamentals of basic cooking methods. You will also be able to utilise the food you make and use it for future family meals to ensure nothing goes to waste. Purchasing your catering supplies won’t cost the earth either as the majority of ingredients you will probably have in your kitchen already including eggs, flour and milk. Making cupcakes with your children is a fantastic option as they will be able to have fun decorating them with icing and hundreds and thousands. 


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Perfect Bakery Gifts For Your Valentine

If you are a little late on the Valentines front and still haven’t bought a present for your loved one, then now is the time to start looking for a last minute gift idea. No one likes to be left without a gift on Valentines Day, so don’t let your partner be present-less this February 14th.


There are plenty of different things you could purchase for your loved one. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a piece of jewellery or something heart shaped or novelty. The best presents are always the ones that show how much you care. Think about your partner’s hobbies or interests and offer them something they will find useful.


If your loved one enjoys baking or cookery, then here a few gifts that they may enjoy receiving this February 14th.

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